WATCH: INFINITE’s Kim Sungkyu Makes Inspirits Proud as He Sings in 1st Korean-American Friendship Festival

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Do you miss INFINITE’s Kim Sungkyu already? Good news, our leader have showcased his talent again in an event!

On June 8, Kim Sungkyu performed in 1st Korean-American Friendship Festival. Wherein, he sang his 2015 song Kontrol. Although, it was a short performance coming from the leader, his stage is so satisfying. Just by listening to him can already give joy to many and makes us miss him more!

Moreover, you can see videos and more photos below captured by fans; usernames are available for credits purposes.

Below are another videos for different angle and continuation.

On the other hand, seeing Kim Sungkyu smile like that is more than enough, isn’t it? We can all see both of his hamster side and small-smiley eyes.

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Furthermore, we want to greet INFINITE and Inspirits a happy 9th anniversary. Subsequently, we are wishing all the best for the members.

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