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INFINITE’s 9th anniversary special: 9 Years full of shared love, happiness, life lessons, and struggles

INFINITE is known for being the King of Synchronization who debuted in 2010 under Woollim Entertainment. In addition, they are also popular with their sharp like choreography and powerful vocals.

Moreover, INFINITE is not just a group composing of idols who can slay on stage. In fact, all of them are also great drama and musical actors! Aren’t they so talented and so extra? They cannot just bag all the music awards but can also flatter hearts of their fans!

With their 9th anniversary on June 9, why not we reminisce the good old days we’ve shared with them? Subsequently, don’t forget to change your display pictures with the official 9th anniversary photo, mga bes!

You can also add the hashtags 9YearswithINFINITE and 인피니트_9주년_아직도_난_너뿐이야 in your post. Check out InfiniteUpdates and infiniteuniteb on Twitter for further details about it.

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Here it goes, the things we all surely wanted to thank INFINITE for!

Shared Love

Photo Credits to Woollim Entertainment

INFINITE has never let us all, their fans, feel so outcast nor unloved. They keep on talking about the Inspirits and doing all their best for us. Aside from that, they are also such a good son to their parents. Remember when they keep on talking about visiting their family and having a great time with them?

The first thing that INFINITE taught us is to sincerely love. Although they keep on pulling a prank or fighting each other; at the end of the day, they care for one another.


INFINITE is such a lovely group which continually shares happiness to others. Just by being themselves, joyful, and healthy, we couldn’t even ask for more. They taught us how to be contented and how to be purely happy. They are not just the source of every Inspirit’s happiness; they are more than that.

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Video from Infinite Showtime

Life Lessons

INFINITE did not come from a big and famous company. They’ve started from small and little things but has never shown us that they’re having difficulties with it. The best thing I’ve learned in life because of INFINITE is to never let setbacks, hardships, and life challenges hinder you from achieving your goals.

Basically, all of them have faced individual hard times yet they’ve stayed strong for us, their family, for Woollim Entertainment family, and for their dreams. Kim Sungkyu, Lee Hoya, Jang Dongwoo, Lee Sungyeol, Nam Woo Hyun, Kim Myungsoo, and Lee Sungjong are all unique and great role models to many!


One of the best videos I’ve ever watched featuring INFINITE is the one posted by Woollim Entertainment on May 22, 2010.

INFINITE becomes perfectly imperfect and so wonderful because of their struggles and grateful hearts. They’ve started with a small practice room where memories and strong relationships were built. Although the video given from above keeps on making me cry; I couldn’t deny the fact that it also makes me so proud of them.

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Remember the first win and double crown of INFINITE?

Video from M! Countdown

Although, Hoya left the group; we deeply know how much he loves INFINITE and Inspirits. Nothing will change it especially our love for these seven romeos.

Photo Credits to Woollim Entertainment

Isn’t INFINITE is such a great group which can always makes us all proud and happy?

We are wishing all the best for each of them, for the whole group, and the fandom. More anniversaries, life successes, happiness, and fulfillments to come to all of you!

Photo Credits to Woollim Entertainment

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Photo Credits to Woollim Entertainment

Happy 9th anniversary to INFINITE, Inspirits, members’ family, and Woollim Entertainment family! We are deeply thankful to INFINITE for every little thing.

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