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BTOB’s Yook Sungjae and Hwang Jung Eum reportedly to take lead roles in an upcoming JTBC drama

Good news to all Melodies and fans of Hwang Jung Eum! BTOB’s Yook Sungjae and actress Hwang Jung Eum are currently in talks to star in an upcoming JTBC drama.

On June 7, it was revealed that Hwang Jung Eum will be taking the lead role in Ssang Gap Pocha. According to her agency C-JeS Entertainment, she received an offer from JTBC and she’s considering the role given to her.

Subsequently, BTOB’s Yook Sungjae was reportedly to be also in talks on this drama. Wherein, he was offered the lead role.

Moreover, Ssang Gap Pocha is a new JTBC drama based on webtoon. It was created by Bae Hye Soo; which received an Excellence Award in 2017 Korea Comic Awards. This focuses on happenings late at night in a mysterious drinking establishment.

Are you all excited to see this fantasy drama? If Yook Sungjae accepts this offer, will he finally get us away from second lead syndrome?

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Overall, we are hoping all the best for these great artists! Please, wait for further details about it.

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