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10 Songs That Steer Away From Your Standard MVs

Animation is not uncommon in music videos, but we often see it as add-on to the main video. Most MVs feature the artists’ performance or a drama-like story line.

Some songs, especially ones without a specific choreography, can be difficult to express in music videos. This is how animation can fully grasp the concept or message of a song.

Here are ten songs that feature full animations for their music videos:

1. Hate You – 2NE1

Probably one of the most iconic use of animation in mainstream Korean music. This 2NE1 MV was produced and directed by contemporary artist Mari Kim. She is known for her pop art paintings called “eyedolls”.

2. No Matter What – BoA and Beenzino

Most of the SM Station MVs releases fully animated music videos. Other mainstream artists’ songs include Super Junior’s Super Duper and Shinee’s Onew & Lee Jin Ah’s Starry Night.

3. Tomboy – HYUKOH

Originally from the underground indie scene, HYUKOH gained mainstream popularity through Korean variety show, Infinite Challenge. They are known for their distinct music style and aesthetics.

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This single was released as a promotion for the 2018 League of Legends World Championship. Soyeon and Miyeon from (g)i-dle, Madison Beer and Jaira Burns provided the vocals for their character counterparts in the game.

5. Gangnam Station Exit 4 – Plastic

Plastic is an indie group that usually releases ballad and folk pop songs. Majority of their MVs will make you feel like you’re straight from a manhwa or webtoon.

6. Dark Chocolate – Moon Kim of Royal Pirates

This solo song is included in Royal Pirates’ 4th Mini Album Hasta La Vista. It is a perfect song for Valentine’s day or a chill day at a cafe. Some drawings are said to be done by Moon Kim himself.

7. Sleeping Beauty – EPIK HIGH and Sekai No Owari (End of the World)

A cross-cultural collaboration of Korea and Japan. The song was born after their first meeting at Coachella 2016. Contrary to both bands usual genre, Sleeping Beauty embraces a more mellow sound to show the strength in asking for help.

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8. Coco Bottle – Penomeco

Penomeco is an R&B artist under Million Market Entertainment (currently an affiliate of SM Entertainment). If you are a fan of Crush’s songs, Penomeco is definitely a recommendation you shouldn’t miss out. (Fun fact: They’re friends too!)

9. Take Me – MISO

Many fans learned about this song from BLACKPINK’s Lisa‘s solo stage during their concert tour. MISO is part of a crew called Club Eskimo, a group of artists and producers who does creative music. Members also include Dean, Crush and many more underground artists.

10. Pizza – OOHYO

Aside from the cute animation, the song is also in full English which makes it very easy to relate to. Most of OOHYO’s song include mix of Korean and English. She is also gaining international attention as a rising synth pop musician.

There are many more songs featuring full animation videos (usually in the indie scene). Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for them.

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Do you have favorite songs that’s featured in full animation?

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