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LOOK: CL noticed a Filipino BLACKJACK + Leaves a comment twice for the fan

Guess what! Another Filipino Korean pop fan was noticed by his idol.

Recently, a Filipino BLACKJACK shared his graduation photo online; who uses an Instagram username @daleong21. He used a caption on his post; “Naega Jeil Jal Naga,” which is the title of the Korean single of girl group 2NE1. Adding, “DaleOng The International Kpop Sensation,” “Certified BLACKJACK since 2009,” “BS Psychology,” and “Batch 2019.” In addition, he also tagged the members of 2NE1.

On the same day of posting his picture; a member of 2NE1 noticed him! CL left a comment on his posted picture which says, “Sooo good.”

What’s more! CL has also made an Instagram story featuring the post of the said BLACKJACK. Consequently, the fan reposted it on his own story; using it as his Instagram highlight as well.

What a blessed fan indeed! Isn’t it such a great memory to treasure?

We are so happy to know that another Filipino K-pop fan was spotted by his idol. This maybe rare to happen but the happiness it gives them is no joke! We hope that this event will serve as an inspiration to many.

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