LOOK: K-Movie Spellbound to have a Filipino Remake + Casts Reveal

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Good news to all fans of JaDine and Spellbound Korean movie! The said film will finally have its Filipino remake starring JaDine.

According to Viva Films, James Reid and Nadine Lustre are set to star in Spellbound. They are back together to film the Filipino remake of the mentioned Korean movie.

Credits: Folded & Hung

However, there are still no definite information regarding the date when will they start shooting for it. As James Reid has reported to back out from action-fantasy movie Pedro Penduko; due to his spinal injury.

According to an interview with Viva; “James has spent over a year training and getting ready for this film and Viva truly appreciates his dedication and commitment to this project.”

Adding, “Viva respects James’ decision and wishes him a speedy recovery.”

Moreover, Spellbound is a 2011 South Korean horror rom-com film. It tells the story of a street magician who noticed a woman. Apparently, the said woman can see ghosts. Later on, the magician will learn about the woman’s hardships. Yet, he will still falls in love with her.

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Lee Min Ki and Son Ye Jin

Are you excited for this Spellbound Filipino movie remake? Additional, are you also excited with its cast? Feel free to share your feels and thoughts with us!

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