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[BREAKING] NOIR is coming back to Manila for meet and live tour!

Have you been waiting for NOIR to come back in the Philippines? Good news! The South Korean pop group is set to hold a tour in Manila.

On May 31, Noir Official Twitter account has tweeted that the group will be coming in Manila. It says on the caption; “2019 NOIR Meet & Live Tour in Philippines.” With, the following hashtags: 느와르, NOIR, Theninth, Philippines, Manila, and DoomDoom.

In addition, the date mentioned for the tour is on August 2019; without the exact day. Below is the Tweet from Noir Official.

Moreover, NOIR visited Philippines last March 7, 2019 for a concert. It was titled 2019 K-Pop Friendship Concert in Manila; which is held to commemorate the 70th anniversary for diplomatic relationship establishment between Korea and Philippines.

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Are you all excited to meet the prominent group NOIR? Please wait for further details about the tour. Accordingly, you can all enjoy the updates about the third mini album of the group.

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