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9 Reasons why Filipino Inspirits want to meet INFINITE’s Nam Woo Hyun in Manila

Nam Woo Hyun is known for being a multi-talented Korean pop idol from the boy band Infinite. In fact, he is not just a great singer, but also an exceptional composer and actor. He debuted with Infinite on June 9, 2010 and will take their 9th anniversary few weeks from now.

Photo Credits to Woollim Entertainment

Did you know that Nam Woo Hyun has already three solo mini albums? He took his solo debut with his first mini album last May 9, 2016. Last September 3, 2018, his second solo album has already been released. Recently, he has finally showcased his third mini album; topping iTunes Top Albums chart in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Taiwan.

Photo Credits to Woollim Entertainment

On April 27, Woollim Entertainment, his agency, revealed that Nam Woo Hyun will be embarking on his Asia tour. Wherein, he will be holding a solo concert Arbor Day until near the end of the year. His first stop was last November 2 to 4 in South Korea; then last April 27 in Taiwan; followed by his upcoming concert on June 2 in Macau.

Accordingly, Woollim Entertainment mentioned that his Asia Tour was decided to be taken up due to the requests of his fans abroad. With that, many Filipino Inspirits and solely fans of him have been waiting for further announcements. In which, several fans have been anticipating this event to finally happen in the Philippines.

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Saying all that, below are the top 9 reasons why many Filipino Inspirits want to meet Nam Woo Hyun in Manila.

1. Inspirits miss Nam Woo Hyun so much

Photo Credits to Woollim Entertainment

Many Filipino Inspirits have miss Infinite so much after their last concert here on November 7, 2015. It’s been a while, right?

As an Inspirit as well, we have waiting for Infinite to finally come back in the Philippines. Surely, seeing Nam Woo Hyun in Manila after almost four years will mean a lot.

2. To celebrate Infinite’s 9th anniversary with him

Photo Credits to Woollim Entertainment

As mentioned, Infinite will be celebrating their 9th anniversary on June 9, 2019. Although the other members are in the military and the other ones are busy with their own schedule; having to acknowledge this significant event with even one member in Manila with us will be meaningful enough. Infinite is Infinite.

3. To hear him sing live

Nam Woo Hyun is such a great singer with incomparable vocals. Just by listening to his official music videos can already give me the goosebumps; what more if we can finally hear him sing live?

4. To be serenaded by him

Video from VLive and @ukiss501nfinite

We all know how fond Nam Woo Hyun is to every Inspirit in the world. In fact, many fans envy Inspirits when Woo Hyun is having a stage. Due to the fact that he tend to focus on Inspirits only. What a lovely idol, right? Hearing him sing and be serenaded by him seems to be way different in some aspects.

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5. To witness him slay by dancing

Admit it or not, Nam Woo Hyun is such a great dancer! Sharp moves. Cool dance steps. Remember, Nam Woo Hyun is from Infinite group which is known for being the King of Synchronization.

6. To experience the fan service of him

Photo Credits to Woollim Entertainment

Nam Woo Hyun is well-known for being one of the best artists in doing fan service. He has once gave a rose to his fan, remember? He is just so sweet in his own little ways.

7. To receive finger hearts from him

Photo Credits to Woollim Entertainment

Nam Woo Hyun is one of the reasons why finger hearts became popular in South Korea before. He even uses his hands and arms to create a heart for fans; he is surely so caring and thoughtful with his fans! What if we, Filipino Inspirits, receive it directly too?

8. To be in the same place with him

Photo Credits to Woollim Entertainment

Just by seeing Nam Woo Hyun up close will mean so much for Filipino Inspirits. Even no touching or so what, being with him in the same place will be enough. Maybe, just to see him healthy and watch him live slaying on stage are already dream come true for many.

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9. To enjoy the night with him

Infinite can totally bring too much happiness to Inspirits; and by finally meeting Nam Woo Hyun in Manila, that would totally cause me tears of joy. Apparently, by watching Infinite and Nam Woo Hyun’s music video can already seriously give me joy, tears of missing them, and the contentment feeling. Subsequently, having the chance to see Nam Woo Hyun in Manila would be enjoying and memorable.

Photo Credits to Woollim Entertainment

Overall, Nam Woo Hyun is so precious to many Filipino Inspirits. As a matter of fact, many is so in love with him and care so much about him. If he would ever visit Philippines again and have his solo concert Arbor Day in Manila, it will definitely be worth it of all! Moreover, many Filipino fans have been wanting to attend a solo concert of him to show their love and support for him. Are you with us, mga bes? Feel free to share your feels below and this news to your friends!

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