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23 Things That You Probably Don’t Know About Seo In Guk

When in comes to being a multi-faceted artist, Seo In Guk really tops our list. He is the real epitomy of a great actor and singer combined.

You might have read about him being a singer from here and started stanning him from this.

Now, it’s about time that you learn more about him and stan him harder. To help you get started, here are some (random) things that you probably don’t know about Seo In Guk.

1. His official fan club name is HEARTRIDER and the fans call themselves as “Angels”.

2. He decided to become a singer after watching Korean rock legend Kim Jung-min’s performance of the song “Sad Promise” one day during the 90’s.

3. He is well versed in contact sports. On his early years, he trained as a ssireum wrestler, boxer and MMA fighter. He is also a 2nd Dan Hapkido Fighter and even has a record of winning a silver medal on a national competition.

4. He studied Applied Music at Daebul University in Jeolla-do, South Korea.

5. He was another member of “The one that got away club” from JYP. During his university days, he auditioned in many agencies including JYP Entertainment and was rejected in all of them. They blamed it on “not taking care of his body” and being 86 Kg at that time, he started obsessing over his weight.

6. His obsession to weight loss eventually led him to suffer from Bulimia a severe eating disorder.

7. After losing weight (due to bulimia), he again tried auditioning to the same agency. However he was again rejected. This time was because of the fact that his voice was greatly affected by his weight loss.

8. He finally got to debut as a singer after winning the first season of MNET’s “Superstar K” and defeating 720,000 contestants.

9. He spent his winnings by opening a Kimchi Stew restaurant for his parents. He also once purchased a cafe as a birthday gift for his mother.

10. He is a good example of a “Rags to Riches” korean celebrity. Her mother used to collect recyclables to earn while his father was a welder.

11. He discovered the secret of his birth while appearing as a guest on variety talk show “Mamma Mia” with his mother. You can watch the full details in the video below.

12. He has a younger sister named Bo Ram and she is already married and with kids.

13. During high school, he once confessed to girl on a ferris wheel while singing Wheesung’s “Can’t we”. He was rejected.

14. After his singing debut, he was casted on the jukebox musical Gwanghwamun Love Song. Technically, this was his first acting experience.

15. The musical role led him to debut as an actor in 2012 on the drama “Love Rain” that starred Jang Geun Seuk and SNSD Yoona.

16. In 2013, He debuted as a singer in Japan with the single “Fly Away“.

17. It was only in 2014 when he first released a full studio album titled “Everlasting“.

18. He was part of the first cast members of the variety show “I Live Alone”.

19. He has worked with 3 SNSD members: Yoona (Love Rain), Yuri (No Breathing) and Soo Young (Squad 38).

20. In 2015, he was caught in a dating scandal with SNSD member Sunny. Both sides denied it and the news died down soon after.

21. In 2017, it was revealed that he had been dating singer Park Bo-ram since 2015. However they already announced break up on May 2018.

22. 4 days after officially enlisting for active military duty, he was diagnosed with Osteochondritis dissecans, a chronic bone condition that affected his ankle. He was then exempted from service and became a subject of public hate because of it.

23. After his two years of hiatus, he came back with a new company (BS Company), new drama (The Smile That Left Your Eyes) and fanmeetings in Japan. He was reported to be starring on an upcoming heist film this year.

Hopefully, this list helped you in knowing him more. Now, let’s pray that a fanmeeting / fanconcert comes our way very soon! If you want to meet him here in Philippines, can you please answer this survey. Thank you!

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  1. Thank you for this most comprehensive article about my favorite kactor Seo In guk. He is truly an amazing actor & singer.. An inspiration to his fans.

  2. I am really a fan of Seo In Guk. I love his eyes. He is a good actor. I wish I can meet him soon. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  3. I started following his dramas when I saw him as a 2nd lead role in Master’s Sun. Then Ive watched all his dramas and films. I find him so cute, talented and good looking. He has a soulfull eyes. I hope he will have a new project.

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