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Get to Know the Song Triplets and the Things We Love the Most about Them

Daehan, Minguk, and Manse have gained popularity in The Return of Superman by year 2014. Their first appearance was on July 6, 2014. While their last appearance was on February 7, 2016. Since then, they have shown us how lovely, sweet, and kindhearted children they are.

In fact, the Song triplets are the children of the prominent actor Song Il Gook and Jung Seung Yeon. There’s no doubt why these little children are who they are now; taking the good characteristics of their parents.

Did you know that the names Daehan, Minguk, and Manse actually means (in a phrase) Love Live Korea?

Last March 16, the triplets have already turned 8 years old. Yet, they still look so cute (or even more of it?) and acts so adorable!

Recently, the Song triplets had even made their creative gifts to give to their parents last May 8. Song Il Gook shared the pictures of it on Instagram with a caption; “Parents’ Day. Thank you for growing up healthy, Daehan, Minguk, Manse!”

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Now, let’s take this chance to reminisce all the good times of Song triplets in The Return of Superman! Surely, you will enjoy it the way you appreciated it before. Probably, you also have your personal favorite episode in here!

Song Triplets being Dancers and Singers

Remember this time when they dance to their favorite song? The happiness on their faces were visible! Thankfully, we have surely felt the same joy as them, right?

Song Triplets Taekwondo

Daehan, Minguk, and Manse’s perseverance and patience are no joke in here! Remember that day when they really wanted to make it and they actually made it on their own ways.

Song Triplets’ “Please, feed us”

Song triplets will not be the triplets we know if they weren’t so fond of food!

Run, appa!

It was that time when Song Il Gook wants to train the triplets and get rid of their fear in water. Surely, the kids enjoyed their time especially getting out of the sight of their father and making him run after them!

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Caring Brothers

What many fans love about the triplets are their love, care, and sweetness for each other!

Triplets being Soldiers

Our little soldiers are so cute, aren’t they?

Actor Babies

They have done their part in here in a beautiful manner! Good job.

All in all, Song triplets have surely given joy to many people because of their adorable sides. There are even more times that are too precious to all of us. It could be the time when they were biking, going to have a haircut, visiting their pediatrician, appointment with dentist, eating in a buffet, playing outside, and more!

As they grow, we continually see different sides of them. In fact, it feels so good to witness them getting taller and all.

We are hoping all the best for the Song family! May these cute Song triplets grow up with warmth in their hearts, fortitude, uprightness, and healthy life just like now.

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If you want to watch them in The Return of Superman, look for episodes 34 to 116, and 156. You may visit KBS World TV in YouTube for more videos of them. While, if you want to keep updated about them; follow Song Il Gook on Instagram,

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