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Park Hyung Sik talks about his friendship with BTS’ V and their families closeness with each other too

Park Hyung Sik, BTS‘s V, and Park Seo Joon are known for being close friends. They have known each other while filming Hwarang, way back 2016. In addition, Park Hyung Sik mentioned that they are still maintaining the good relationship with each other.

On May 20, Park Hyung Sik appeared as guest in Park Sun Young’s Cine Town Radio; with co-star Moon So Ri. While promoting their movie Juror 8 and its recently release; Park Hyung Sik talked about his friendship with BTS’s V.

He said, “We have already visited each other’s family home towns.” Adding, “Since our parents are close, they have gone on trips together as well. We are close like family members.”

Additionally, Park Hyung Sik has also mentioned about BTS being great singer not just in Korea but worldwide. He stated that it is amazing especially for him who’s close with BTS’s V.

With the busy schedules of the two artists, for them to see one another, Park Hyung Sik said; “Sometimes, we just pick a day and go somewhere else together.”

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Last April 12, Park Seo Joon has also showed his support to BTS’s V on his Instagram account. He posted a photo of Map Of The Soul: Persona; adding a caption, “But do you need my publicity, Taehyung? It’s very embarrassing.”

Indeed, their closeness and friendship are too good and another goals! May they continue to spend quality time with each other. In addition, may their friendship also grow with pure love and care. We are wishing all the best for these three great artists!

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