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LOOK: These Kpop Idols’ Impressive Fine Arts Skills Will Surprise You

Being a Kpop Idol fall under the category of performance art. It’s a given that they are talented in singing and dancing. But there are those who goes beyond performing and channels themselves to acting, song writing & composing, song producing and even drawing.

The idols listed below have proven on many counts that they also have a “Golden Hand” when it comes to Fine Arts. They are so good at drawing and painting that some of them can actually have their own art exhibit as an artist.

1. Yura (Girls Day)

Yura is really good at hyper realistic pencil portraits. She also likes sketching landscapes as the main subject.

2. Key (Shinee)

Key was actually the one who designed the album cover for Shinee’s 3rd album “The Misconception of Us”.

3. Seulgi (Red Velvet)

Seulgi uses mixed media in her drawings and is usually doing portraits.

4. Kim Heechul (Super Junior)

Deeply influenced by his love for animation, Heechul is also known for his anime style drawings and his favorite subject is, of course himself.

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5. Jaekyung (Rainbow)

Being a fashion design major in university proves that Jaekyung has this innate talent for the arts.

6. Naeun (APink)

She considers it as her hobby but her outputs prove that it is indeed inborn talent.

7. Ken, Ravi & Hongbin (Vixx)

These three have proven themselves to be talented in drawing and even managing to auction off their artworks.

8. Zico

Even Zico’s drawing style have this ‘swag’ in them right?

9. Suzy

Suzy surprised fans when she revealed here talent on this post.

10. Song Mino (Winner)

When it comes to Kpop idol artist, Song Mino can be considered as an actual art genius. He is so talented that he can shift careers easily and succeed. His talent in fine arts even rivals the professional artists.

Watch the video below and see him collaborate with a well-known professional artist in South Korea.

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