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BaeBae in Manila: Bae Jin Young owning the stage in “I’m Young” fan meeting

Bae Jin Young finally met his Baebys in Manila last May 18 at New Frontier Theater. Guess what?! The event was extra special to many because it was the first fan meeting of Bae Jin Young in Manila. Thankfully, Team Annyeong Oppa was invited to cover and witness I’m Young in Manila.

With that, it is our pleasure to share the performances of BJY that night to all of you. We know well that you all will surely love the videos we have taken! Whether you were present on his fan meet or not, you still truly deserve to see his lovely clips.

Entrance Performance

At exactly 6PM on May 18, the fan meet had started. Bae Jin Young took his entrance wearing a pink suit and showing his cute side. His first performance is all lovely and enchanting because Baebys had seen another side of him. Everyone has surely enjoyed his stage and the excitement of every Baeby has also reached its maximum.

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Second Performance

Bae Jin Young surprised his fans with Oh Little Girl performance; making Produce 101 memories come back. Personally, I really think that he is so good in whatever steps and choreography he will present. He just made almost everyone fall in love harder over him with this performance!

Sexy and Energetic Performance

Another level and side of Bae Jin Young were seen in I’m Young in Manila, mga bes! Can you just hear the screams of amazement of his fans? Personally, I didn’t expect him dancing this in his fan meet but BJY surely loves us and wants us to know him more.

Singing Performance

The only thing I was expecting to happen in I’m Young in Manila is Bae Jin Young singing his Hard To Say Goodbye. Guess what! That dream was fulfilled on that night and it feels extra special hearing it live. When we usually here BJY singing in music videos or online, we cannot help but idolize his vocals. Yet, when I had finally hear him singing few inches away from me, I cannot denied the fact that there’s something more in his voice! I felt his emotions and passion in singing with this performance. There’s no doubt why Baebys love him so much! We’re so into you.

Last and Memorable Performance

Upon hearing the first beat of the song, I was really shocked and surprised. Any genre of song is just so suited to Bae Jin Young; he can perfectly pull off the dance steps while making his fans in awe! What I like about this performance is the fact that even a white plain T-shirt looks so good in him. Why so handsome, talented, loving, caring, and energetic, BJY?

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Overall, these five performances of Bae Jin Young were so memorable and amazing. It even helped a lot to communicate his message to his fans. What’s more is the fact that BJY had perfectly shown how much he adores his fans. Although he mentioned that night that he doesn’t know why others think he is cute with his pictures, he is seriously more than cute in personal! When he dance and sing live, he becomes more charismatic than what we normally see.

Moreover, there were various segments that night which Bae Jin Young’s fans enjoyed so much! Bae Jin Young I’m Young in Manila is so worthy to attend to and be remembered. If we will be given a chance to see him again, why not?

We all know that can surprise us again with what he got! Good job, Bae Jin Young. You just made us proud all over again! Thank you, Jin Young Oppa, for making this night extraordinary and wonderful. Thank you for opening the door for us to know you more and see more things of you.

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The Annyeong Oppa would also like to extend our gratitude to CDM Entertainment and to their friendly staffs for a great event! To Baebys, thank you as well for not failing to let BJY know how much his fans from Manila love him.

For all those fans who never get the chance to attend the fan meet; fighting, mga bes! Let’s all hope that Bae Jin Young will come back here!

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