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Be Joyful in Manila special: 7 Times Lee Sung Kyung wows fans while singing and/or dancing

Lee Sung Kyung is known for being versatile in different genre of Korean dramas. She could be the bubbly actress or the ones who will make fans cry.

Aside from her good acting skills, the South Korean actress also receives love and care for being beautiful inside and out. Who wouldn’t love her especially her warm heart, right?

However, did you all know that Lee Sung Kyung is also a good singer and dancer? As a matter of fact, she has already amazed many Hallyu fans with her vocals and dancing skill.

With Lee Sung Kyung’s upcoming fan meeting in Manila, why not we took a step closer to her? Below are the seven videos of Lee Sung Kyung while singing and/or dancing which let her wows fans.

1. Singing Nice to Meet You

2. Singing Finally + Love on Top

3. Singing A Whole New World with Super Junior’s Kyuhyun

4. Singing True Colors with Park Hyungsik

5. Singing in About Time

6. Dancing DDU DU DDU DU

Video from Lene

7. Dancing Um Oh Ah Yeh

Video from tvN and Giang Jiwon

Overall, Lee Sung Kyung is surely a total performer! From the big screen to stage, she can all slay on it with her own little ways.

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To all her Filipino fans, we know how excited you all are with her fan meet in Manila! Don’t forget that the ticket selling of Be Joyful will begin on May 31. While her fan meeting will happen on July 27, Saturday, at SM Skydome. We hope to see you there with your overflowing love for her. Mamang, we will finally see you soon!

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