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K-drama review: 6 Reasons why “Hello, Monster” is a must watch K-drama

Hello, Monster is a 2015 South Korean mystery/thriller drama; which aired on KBS2. In which, it only took me four short days to finish watching it.

Guess what! Before including Hello, Monster in my “Korean drama list”, I wasn’t well aware about its cast aside from Seo In Guk and its plot. I only learned that it also starred Jang Nara, Park Bo Gum, Do Kyung Soo, and other remarkable artists; when I was finally searching Hello, Monster online to access the complete episodes of it.

Thereafter, I felt all the excitement to start watching it. Although I really didn’t expect anything about its content and its whole, there’s something in me which think that Hello, Monster is a great K-drama.

Fortunately, I really enjoyed watching this drama and have felt different emotions while viewing it. All in all, I can totally say that Hello, Monster is a great drama which fans shouldn’t miss out on.

Below are the six reasons why Hello, Monster is a must-watch K-drama.

Incomparable acting skills of the actors and actresses

From main leads to supporting characters, all the cast have perfectly shown their talent and acting skills throughout the drama.

Seo In Guk, Jang Nara, and Park Bo Gum have all done their part to make the story and their role both significant. In a matter of fact, I have also felt like crying whenever their characters were crying on the drama. While when they were so happy, the same emotion knocked on my heart’s door.

What’s much appealing about Hello, Monster is the fact that other characters have left their own footprints in my mind. They have showcased their dissimilar personalities and have helped the protagonist to show off his personality which differs from the others.

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Despite the fact that the main genre of Hello, Monster are mystery and thriller; it also features the love story of Lee Hyeon (Seo In Guk) and Cha Ji An (Jang Nara). In addition, it also depicts societal issues and focuses on family life and love.

Interesting Content

As what I have mentioned, the drama includes love story, societal issues, and family love. All of it helped in making the content and the story much realistic. Although there are few scenes which are unclear, it all added up to the intensity of the drama.

Hello, Monster may look like a simple drama that solves cases, but there are deeper stories and ideas behind it.

Realistic Ending

Hello, Monster left several questions which we either need to answer and/or solve on our own or pushes us to connect the dots given throughout the drama. As a truth, I expected that all of the given questions and mysteries from the beginning will be unveiled. However, when I finished watching this drama; I have learned that it will only look too unrealistic if things will be pushed to happen.

What I really liked about it are: 1) The trust of Lee Hyeon and Cha Ji An with each other; and 2) The relationship of the members from the team of Cha Ji An.

Although, Lee Hyeon suddenly appeared after one year when the team of Cha Ji An needed to solve a case; I cannot deny the fact that there was no other suiting way to do it. The same thing goes to the situation of Min (Park Bom Gum) and Lee Joon Young (Do Kyung Soo/Choi Won Young). If they will suddenly be captured by the police, won’t it look like forced to do so? The way how the writer gave the ending for the story, I really would love to say that there is nothing needed to change; except to give few more clues or answers to the left mysteries which weren’t well focused on.

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Moreover, what I also liked about this drama is the character of Park Bo Gum (Min) and his development. Additionally, there are more twists in here which the viewers will be able to witness. For instance, the truth behind Min’s case, the effect of Lee Hyeon on Lee Joon Young, the sad back story of other characters, and more issues being depicted.

Family Love

For all what happened in this story, there is one thing which was continually being shown: the importance of family. It was clearly seen in Hello, Monster how much family members affect the actions and thinking of the other family members. Moreover, we were also reminded to treasure our family and the present time we still have to enjoy with them.

Furthermore, Hello, Monster reminds us that family means helping one another, trusting each other, and protecting the other family members. No matter what happens, we should always open our hearts for forgiveness and reconciliation.

Aside from that, this drama also taught me that our real friends could also be considered as second family. From your shining days to dark times, expect them to be present in there for you.

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Life Lessons

There are various life lessons which were revealed in Hello, Monster. First, it will always be our choice to either care for someone or hurt others. Regardless, we should be ready with the consequences linked to our actions.

Second, likely to what Cha Ji An said; no one of us should decide who deserves to live and die.

Third, we should stop judging people because of their wrongdoings. Because, there will always be a story behind an action. Nevertheless, never tolerate such bad thing. Hence, help them to reflect.

Fourth, forgiveness is so important in life. It will free us from hate and guilt; and will open new beginnings for us. In life, there would always be things we couldn’t understand because we lack knowledge about it.

Lastly, we cannot call ourselves matured if we still choose to hurt other people for own convenience. Moreover, there are a lot of life lessons taught by Hello, Monster which you shouldn’t miss out on.

To sum it up, Hello, Monster is worth it to watch. It has a great story to tell, content execution, and incomparable artists. I would also like to take this opportunity to express my admiration to Seo In Guk; who is multi-talented, versatile, and has good character.

Feel free to share your feels on the comment section, mga bes!

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  1. Very true.. This drama Hello Monster indeed gave us so many lessons to learn about life, family & selflessness. .
    And Thanks to the writer for recognizing the skills in acting and even the personal character of Seo In Guk. .Promise..! Once you’re starting to know Seo In Guk as an actor, singer and even as a person, you’ll be hooked in him..His charms and verstality makes him more lovable and attractive. This is why his fans here in Phillipines are very eager to see him person. Hopefully Seo In guk will have his fan meeting concert here in our country, soon…. We’re patiently waiting for God’s perfect time ….

  2. I’m into crime/thriller/mystery drama recently.. then Facebook recommended me a video clip of the first episode showing the characters of kyungsoo and the younf seo in guk as a sociopath
    I became curious about the storyline.. then finding out Jang Nara and Seo In-guk were also part of the cast.. i def started watching it.

    Still on first few episodes, I already spoiled myself about the characters before watching it. But I’m liking how the story unfolds.. and looking forward on how it would continue..

    The actors were really effective on playing their characters … and i like how sometimes it can become light or little bit romantic at the right time 😁

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