20 KPOP Songs To Lift Up Your Mood Today

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We all have our bad days. For those times, music is one remedy to help you lift your mood and Kpop, with all its happy tunes, is very effective for this purpose.

So if you are having a bad day today, here is a playlist that will surely make you feel better.

1. Catallena – Orange Caramel

2. Chewing Gum – NCT Dream

3. Fantastic Baby – Big Bang

4. Gee – SNSD

5. Shake It – Sistar

6. Cheer Up – Twice

7. Whistle – Blackpink

8. Happiness – Red Velvet

9. Her – Block B

10. Rokuko!!! – Super Junior – T

11. Energetic – Wanna One

12. Ah-choo – Lovelyz

13. Love Me Right – EXO

14. Very (아주) Nice – Seventeen

15. Me Gustas Tu – GFriend

16. Just Right – Got7

17. Very Very Very – IOI

18. Dalla Dalla – Itzy

19. Bboom Bboom – Momoland

20. Bomb Bomb – Kard

Can you think of other happy songs? Share it in the comments section! Let’s spread happiness today!

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