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Kdrama Review: Netflix’s My First First Love

My First First Love is a netflix produced korean web drama that instantly gained attention as soon as it was announced. It stars Ji Soo, Jung Jin Young, DIA’s Jung Chae Yeon, Choi Ri, Kang Tae Oh and Hong Ji Yoon.

If you’re thinking of watching it, let me help you with this review.

The Story

The drama plot is quite simple. We have a rich college student named Yoon Tae Oh (Ji Soo) who decided to request his grandfather’s old house as his 20th birthday gift. He was seen enjoying his freedom on his new house for a few years until something came.

Now enters Tae Oh’s friends. Seo Do Hyun (Jin Young) his best friend, son of his father’s friend and neighbor who usually hangs out in his house to study. Han Song Yi (Chae Yeon) is Tae Oh’s childhood friend and hidden crush for so many years. Oh Ga Rin (Choi Ri) is Tae Oh’s friend from childhood and the also heiress to Daebaek Group (a big time company in the drama). Lastly we have Choi Hoon (Kang Tae Oh), an aspiring newbie musical actor who is eager to pursue his dreams even if he is disowned by his family.

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The drama starts when Choi Hoon was kicked out from the house by his father for pursuing his musical actor dream, Ga Rin ran away from home for freedom from her heiress responsibilities and when Song Yi was finally left homeless after her bank-seized house met its new owner.

Being the a very good friend and obviously having room vacancies, Tae Oh let his friends stay for the mean time. And that is when the drama ensues.

Warning: The following part may contain spoilers so read at your own risk.

The main drama

Actually the main problem of the drama is this: for years Tae Oh has a crush on Song Yi but he lets go of his feelings as he is afraid to lose his precious friend. Tae Oh then decides to move on with his feelings and tries to pursue the campus beauty Ryu Se Hyun (Hong Ji Yoon). But unknown to Tae Oh, Song Yi and his best friend Do Hyun started growing closer. This brings us to the big question, “Is Tae Oh really over with his hidden feelings for Song Yi?”

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The Good

The drama’s straightforward story is very relatable to the viewers. Minus some of the plot point exagerations, like Ga Rin being a heiress and Song Yi being a very unfortunate character, the setting is realistic enough for everyone.

Each of the character’s own stories was also worth following. One will be excited to see the character developments that will happen to them. The actor casting was also done well. They surprisingly fit their roles very well.

The Bad

One thing that many kdrama fans anticipate in this drama is Ji Soo’s character. Declared by fans as the “Nation’s Second Lead” after being a very effective second lead character on many accounts.

Many fans celebrated the news of him finally getting the male lead role. Everyone was hoping that he finally achieves his hopes in love. Sadly, as the series progressed the fans hopes slowly turns bleak. But feeling sad for him alone is hard because Jin Young proves to be quite a rival.

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The Ugly

Finishing the eight episodes of the series will surely give you the one of the most frustrating cliffhanger ending ever. The series will literally end as soon as everything finally starts.

The cast mentioned in an interview that the second season is now in the works but you won’t help but demand for it to come out as soon as possible.

In summary…

The series is not your typical rom-com web drama as it has its unique flare on it. It also tries not to be too focused on the romance aspects as it actually promises a good coming-of-age drama that will also get you pondering about your life and dreams.

Now, let’s all wish that the second season arrive soon! To those who haven’t had any idea on this yet, here’s the trailer from Netflix:

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