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ICYMI: “Romantic Doctor Kim Season 2” update

Last February 2018, several reports were released regarding the season 2 of Romantic Doctor Kim. However, SBS had already stated that they were only in discussion but nothing was confirmed yet.

On May 13, according to a news outlet; Romantic Doctor Kim is currently preparing for the production. Even so, SBS is still not giving their statement about the official list of its cast. Nevertheless, it was mentioned in a report that Han Suk Kyu has already responded about the casting.

Han Suk Kyu’s agency Clover Company made clear; “Han Suk Kyu have had talks regarding the Romantic Doctor Kim 2, yet he was not formally offered to appear.”

Romantic Doctor Kim is a 2016 South Korean medical drama aired on SBS. It earned high ratings having 27.6% as its highest one.

Are you all excited for the season 2 of Romantic Doctor Kim, mga bes? For now, let us all wait for further announcement and information about it.

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