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5 Reasons why Filipino K-drama fans want to meet Seo In Guk in Manila

South Korean actor Seo In Guk is one of the prominent Hallyu artists of all time. He entered the music industry after winning in Superstar K in 2009. While, he made an acting debut onscreen with Love Rain as a supporting actor in 2012.

Thereafter, he made an acting breakthrough with his next K-drama, Reply 1997, in the same year of his debut. Subsequently, he had also starred in the following dramas: The Sons, Master’s Sun, High School King of Savvy, The King’s Face, Hello Monster, Squad 38, Shopping King Louie, and The Smile Has Left Your Eyes.

Aside from that, he also had a film titled No Breathing; in which, they happened to visit Philippines to shoot for the said movie. Currently, he is with BS Company, after leaving Jellyfish Entertainment when his contract had expired. Moreover, he continued pursuing his acting and singing career; showcasing his different sides.

Saying all that, Seo In Guk has been receiving love and support by a lot of fans. Guess what! Filipino K-drama fans have been wanting to see him on stage in Manila because of several reasons. Below are just the five reasons why Filipino K-drama fans want Seo In Guk in Manila.

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1. To hear him sing

What made Seo In Guk extraordinary is the fact that he is a multi-talented person. As his fan, it is a great opportunity to finally hear him sing. If he will have a fan meeting in Manila; many would surely want to hear his vocals and many would cry out of happiness because of that.

Personally, I really want to see him on stage and be serenaded by him. Just by viewing his official music videos, the happiness and tears keep on visiting me. What more if I could see him up close?

2. To witness his performances and know him more

Aside from being a great singer, Seo In Guk even knows well how to be versatile in every Korean drama he starred in. Guess what! The actor is also great in singing, playing piano and guitar, and making his fans smile.

Photo from Kpopmap

Seo In Guk being the multi-talented, there’s no doubt that he can own the stage! If he will be given the chance to perform in Manila, he can definitely much express his self by doing it. In which, we will be given the opportunity to know him more.

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3. To see him smile in person

Seo In Guk’s smile is one of the most beautiful thing we would always treasure and protect as his fans. Saying that, seeing him smile in person would be the greatest happiness and dream of his many Filipino fans.

Photo from ahjummamshies

One sweet smile in Manila, please?

4. To finally breathe the same air as him in Manila

A simple fan wants a simple thing to happen: to finally breathe the same air as his idol in the same country. Moreover, Seo in Guk in Manila would be a great gift to receive ever!

Photo from Koreaboo

5. To experience his fan service

Seo In Guk is known for being sweet and caring to his fans. He even knows well how to make his fans smile by means. With all his Filipino fans, all of us would surely love to experience his fan service.

Credits to SBS

Seo In Guk is indeed precious and worthy to protect from everything. If he would ever go to Philippines and have his fan meeting in Manila, it will definitely be worth it of all!

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For how many years he has been active in the Hallyu industry, many Filipino K-drama fans have been dreaming to attend a fan meet of him. Are you with us, mga bes?

Feel free to share your feels about Seo In Guk in Manila!

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