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Want to be the next superstar? Here’s how in Big Hit Entertainment’s 2019 Global Auditions

Big Hit Entertainment is now looking for the next global superstars.

Big Hit Entertainment, the label that manages BTS and TXT, has officially releases the details for 2019 Global Auditions. In which, it will take place in eight different places from May to October.

Wherein, the first stop will be on May 18 at New York. Second on May 25 at Toronto. Third on July 6 at Beijing. Fourth on July 7 at Shanghai. Fifth on July 13 at Taipei. Sixth on July 27 at Sydney. Seventh on October 5 at Bangkok. Lastly on October 13 at Hong Kong.

According to the notice posted by Big Hit Entertainment on their website; the participants should be male and born in 1999 or later. While the performance category includes vocal, rap, dance, acting, and/or modelling. See below for the screenshot of further details.

To audition, the interested participants should sign up in person on the venue, from 12:00PM-1:30PM at local time. See screenshots below for more information about the venues.

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Moreover, the audition results will be sent to selected individuals through the provided email address on the given application. The waiting time will be within 3 weeks after the audition.

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