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10 Korean Actors and Actresses Who Almost Debuted as Kpop Idols

The Korean entertainment industry is very dynamic and full of diversity in talents. Due to this, it became normal for some actors to become idols and for idols to become actors. But there are cases when the actors almost became the idols.

Below is a list of well-established Korean actors and actresses who actually started their career with the goal of debuting as idols.

1. Gong Seung yeon

Being Twice’s Jonghyeon’s elder sister, being trained to be an idol herself is not surprising. She trained under SM Entertainment for 7 years together with F(x) before deciding to try it out as an actress instead.

2. Lee Jong suk

After debuting as a model at the age of 15, he once dreamed of being an idol after becoming a fan of Rain. In fact, he revealed on one interview that he trained under SM Entertainment for 3 months before running away and shifting to an acting career.

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3. Honey Lee

It’s known to many that before winning Miss Korea in 2006, she was a trainee under YG Entertainment and almost debuted as a member of 2ne1. Besides her great acting talent, her natural musical talent is also well showcased as she is also a professional gayageum player.

4. Yoo Ah in

Before debuting as an actor in the teen drama Sharp 1 , he was actually scouted to be an idol and trained for awhile.

5. Soo Ae

After graduating high school, Park Soo Ae was scouted and trained to be in Kpop group for 6 months. Sadly, the agent cannot put out an album so their team was disolved.

6. Park Bo gum

It was quite known that during his 2nd year in high school, Bo gum recorded a video of him singing while playing the piano. He sent this to many prominent agencies that eventually led to many offers. He decided to sign up with Sidus HQ but they suggested that he should try acting instead. In the end, everything went well as an actor and he even achieved his dream of being a singer and released a japanese album.

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7. Min Hyo rin

In 2004, she became a trainee in JYP Entertainment. She actually released a studio album in 2007; but commuting from Daegu to Seoul for training have become tedious for her so she decided to try acting instead.

8. Goo Hye sun

Goo Hye sun is quite known to have an experience in being an idol trainee. She originally trained under SM Entertainment before she moved to DSP Media and prepare for a group debut. Sadly, plans were cancelled and she decided to move to YG Entertainment. She was supposed to debut in a 3-member group with Park Bom and Sandara but was later advised by CEO Yang Hyun-suk to shift to acting instead. She gained big time popularity after appearing in Boys over Flowers in 2009.

9. Kim Min jae

After passing the audition in CJ E&M, he trained under them for 4 years. He is also known as the rapper after joing the contest “Show me the money 4”. While being a trainee he started appearing in small drama roles and cameos. Eventually, this led to more main character roles. In 2019, he was cast for his first male lead role in JTBC’s youth sageuk Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency set to air in September this year.

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10. Go Ara

Prior her debut in teen drama Sharp 1 with Yoo Ah in, she was actually a trainee in SM Entertainment together with the soon to members of Super Junior, TVXQ and SNSD.

Can you imagine these actors and actresses as idols instead?

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