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Bae Jin Young in Manila special: Reasons why Filipino K-pop fans shouldn’t siss his fan meet

Korean pop idol Bae Jin Young is well-known for being a 2000-liner who is apparently still under 20. Guess what! Despite his young age, his talents and skills have already been visible for a long time in the K-Pop industry. Aside from that, his good attitude and visuals are also no joke!

Photo from Kpopmap

Just by one look from this artist, he can totally melt you and your heart. How’s your heart after seeing a picture of him, mga bes?

As we are near from seeing Bae Jin Young in Manila with his “I’m Young” fan meeting; why not take this chance to get to know him more? Consequently, several reasons why Filipino K-pop fans shouldn’t miss this memorable event with him will be revealed and shared!

Fan Meeting Information

“I’m Young” will finally happen at the New Frontier Theater on May 18, Saturday, 6:00PM as said by CDM Entertainment. With the ticket prices ranging from 3,500 PHP (Balcony area) to 10,500 PHP (MVP area). Did you know that all ticket holders will be given the chance to see him up close as they are all privileged with a Hi-touch? Isn’t that such a great opportunity to a fan like us? By just availing your preferred ticket, you can finally experience his fan service and his bright smile inches away from him!

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BJY’s Perseverance and Determination

Before Bae Jin Young ended with the rank 10 in Produce 101 Season 2; he started off with the C ranking to F class. Many fans had seen his perseverance and determination throughout his stay in the mentioned survival reality show. He had shown off his incomparable talent as well, making his vocals be prominent of all.

As a matter of fact, he was also known for being shy back then. However, we all had seen him gets better as time passes by through his good attitude and fighting spirit. Now, he became the best version of himself, making us proud every time he goes on stage and off the camera.

Watch the video below to see how much he worked hard to attain his dreams and goals. All clips were used by TigerLily, credits to the owner of each video used.

On August 7, 2017, his journey with the famous K-pop group WANNA ONE had begun until the group had officially held their last concert on January 2019. Currently, he is with C9 Entertainment and will soon debut under C9Boyz group. Who’s excited with this news?

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Perfect Vocals

From the very beginning I have heard Bae Jin Young’s voice, I knew to myself that this K-pop idol is worthy to be invested by love and care. Have your heard his Hard to Say Goodbye song?

His singing skill is not just all about having a good voice but there is something on it that will touch a fan’s heart. By just hearing the first one minute of this song, I personally got the goosebumps. In which, I really don’t know if I want to cry, feel sad, or to reminisce the good times.

Truthfully, I felt how much he poured his feelings and effort in this song and in every other pieces he made. Although the mentioned song is so heart-wrecking, it cannot be denied that this is just a perfect piece to listen to chill and relax. All in one, right?

For more inspiring and healing songs, listen and watch the following:

Watch the video presented below by godjinhwi kookie featuring BJY. All clips belong to the original owners, credit is given.

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Outstanding Visuals

Bae Jin Young seriously has this charming and positive aura aside from his handsome face. When you look closer to his eyes and lips, you will suddenly get swayed and dumbfounded.

Photo Credits to C9 Entertainment and

His small face adds up to his attractiveness which one can’t resist! However, almost all things and features of him are too perfect to be true and a real package. As his fan, which feature of his face is your favorite?

Photo Credits to Polar Night and Asianchan

We still have two more weeks before seeing the lovely Bae Jin Young. Have you brought your ticket already? Buy a pass now and witness how enchanting and great he is!

Feel free to share your feels below, mga bes! You all can also leave a picture of him or facts about him on the comment section.

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