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Quick review: Is “Clean with Passion for Now” worth to watch?

South Korean dramas are well-known around the world because of its undeniably catchy and worthy plot, exceptional acting skills of the cast, the heartwarming official sound tracks, and more. For almost how many years that I have been a die hard fan of K-dramas; I cannot deny the fact that each of the series that I have watched still feel so new and different from one another for me.

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However, it is sometimes so hard to pick the best K-drama to watch as there are shows which have a common plot and the genre doesn’t just fit my taste. Guess what! Almost all K-dramas are too amazing to be true; even though the plot seems to be used for how many times, the story still has its own way to be unique. Genre not on my taste’s list? No problem! Seriously. As no matter how much I tried to avoid pure romantic or thriller series, K-dramas cannot just escape my mind and heart.

With that, it can be clearly seen how powerful the dramas of South Korea are. Likely, Clean with Passion for Now is another masterpiece that I couldn’t take not sharing its good sides and vibes to everyone! Want to know why? Below are the three lines coming from the mentioned drama that had touched my heart and gave me deep life lessons.

“It’s lucky to experience hardships.”

“Figure out what you really want and what you can excel it. That should be the starting point. Don’t let other’s judgment and standards’ confine your future.”

“My dad keeps on telling me that life is just like obstacle racing; the rules of life are so harsh that once you pass through an obstacle, another one awaits for you. So, my dad told me to not get exhausted and overcome everything, just like jumping over those hurdles.”

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  1. Learn to say no to other people sometimes because there are individuals who might take you for granted.
  2. Think critically if your action will not hurt anyone. If you are well aware how much it can cause pain to others, then don’t do it.
  3. No matter how annoying your brother/sister, he/she will be there for you when no one else is there.
  4. Appreciate those people who care for you and do good behind you, they are truly rare in this world.
  5. We should accept someone’s weaknesses.
  6. It might be funny to think about a person who badly hates germs and dirtiness; however, in this drama, it was shown that even the little thing we think is just ‘kaartehan‘, there will always be reasons underlying it.
  7. The smallest thing for us that other people takes care has surely special importance for them.
  8. Be sensitive with other’s situation and feelings. If we want to be understood, then try to listen and ‘understand others’ first.
  9. Sometimes, the right thing which our mind tend to think isn’t the good thing to do as it may hurt other people. Always be sensitive with the feelings of others if you truly love them.


  1. The legendary ahjussi is here! As what I have expected, he had contributed a lot in making Clean with Passion for Now much enjoyable and worth it to watch. What makes him prominent, he will not just entertain you with his funny scenes, he will also give you a shot of life lessons.
  2. I am really not familiar with the main leads and other characters (just the ahjussi) but they have all totally captured my heart and attention. Just looking through their eyes, I had already felt their emotion and feelings. No words to be said, no problem!
  3. The cute and amazing children!
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  1. Light mood. There were issues and problems presented, yet along the drama, the funny scenes will always be predominant. The characters and acts will totally make its viewers laugh but won’t forget to give out life lessons (again).
  2. It has defined true love well. When Seon Kyeol had the chance to use the anchor as requested by Oh Sol, he didn’t do it. Instead, he confessed his true feelings and man up.
  3. Aside from that, Ha In’s feelings for Oh Sol proved that when you love, you shouldn’t expect the other person to love you in return. Just love the person with pure intentions.
  4. In addition, the power of friendship and friend’s love was also present in the drama!
  5. Moreover, Clean with Passion for Now is not just about the arrogant boss who hates germs. In a matter of fact, Seon Kyeol isn’t arrogant, it is just that he cannot express his kindness to others that well. As a truth, he seriously cares for his employees and accepts them truly; for instance, he accepted Mae Hwa as a cleaning fairy despite his bad police record.
  6. Lastly, what’s much interesting in this drama is the family love message. Although the characters have different family background, it was clearly highlighted how much we need to love and give attention to our family members.
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  1. Clean with Passion for Now may look like just the other K-dramas we’ve watched, because of the fact that it tackles about two different people coming from two different worlds; the topic and theme are indeed unique and simple but so important to talk about.
  2. All of the conflicts in here were all relevant to its message and the story flow.
  3. I just simply love how the light mood and bad situations had complemented each other. There were scenes in here that made me feel so broke but the following scenes had brighten up my mood. Doesn’t it shows the fact that after a rain, there will be a rainbow?

Overall, Clean with Passion for Now is perfect for those people who are after good dramas with great messages or lessons behind it. Despite the fact that the characters in this series aren’t that well-known compared to other artists; they had seriously done their part in giving justice to the story’s conflicts and characters’ personalities. Moreover, if you want to laugh all over the night, don’t hesitate to watch this piece!

If you have already seen this drama, bes, share with us your thoughts and feels about it!

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  1. Not a good drama, this is more on comedy side.
    For me character wise they are not a good match.
    Maybe it will be better if they replace the leading woman

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