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READ: Ji Chang Wook reportedly to make tvN drama comeback following military discharge

South Korean actor Ji Chang Wook is expected to make a comeback onscreen with Make Me Melt.

On April 23, the actor’s agency Glorious Entertainment had officially confirmed; “Ji Chang Wook received an offer to appear in tvN’s upcoming Saturday-Sunday drama, Make Me Melt.”

Accordingly, the Korean drama tells the story of a man and woman who participated in a 24-hour frozen human project. Due to a mysterious accident, they have waken up 20 years later.

In which, Ji Chang Wook was offered to play the lead role of Ma Dong Chan; a producer who became frozen for 20 years, who is known for being cold and logical in workplace but loves passionately.

Subsequently, if the prominent actor will accept the proposal; Make Me Melt would be his first drama coming back from the army. The show is soon to be premiered following the end of Hotel De Luna this year.

With that, many fans would surely love to hear this news! Are you also excited about this, bes? While waiting for him, you might want to watch his K-dramas before.

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