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Hangugeo 101: The K-Drama Edition

After learning some Korean Slangs, you can now try another set of easy Korean phrases. This time, let us learn some common phrases and sentences that you’ve probably heard many times — in Kdramas.

Korean dramas have many iconic lines that we can easily remember because they probably gave us all those “kilig” moments but there are also those lines that kept on appearing every drama series that we watch. So, let us try learning them and apply them on our daily conversations with our fangirl friends.

However, it is important to note that most of the lines below are in banmal form (informal form of language) as they are usually said between close drama characters.

1. 장난해 (Jangnanhae) – Are you kidding me?

This is usually used by a person to express disbelief. It can also have the meaning of the expression “Are you serious?”. But remember that this can only be used to someone of same age or younger as it is an informal word.

Jangnanhae? You bought ten kpop albums yesterday?”

2. 혹시 (hoksi…) – By any chance…

When you want to ask a question and you are not sure how to start your sentence. It can also be used to answer a question you are not sure of, like the use of the word “maybe”.

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Hoksi… do you know where can I buy those official fan merchandise? “

3. 울지마 (uljima) – Don’t cry

Say this if you want to stop someone from crying. Also, we often here this during concert ments and your bias starts crying. Fans will then chant “Uljima!” but then again the tears won’t easily stop.

Uljima. You will get over him soon.”

4. 잠깐만 (jamkkanman) – Wait a little bit

Most commonly heard in scenes when a character needs to do another thing but is currently doing something else. A very good replacement of our Filipino “Wait lang” expression.

Jamkkanman, let me finish this episode before I talk to you.”

5. 어떡헤 (eotteoke) – What do I do? / How?

A common line that can express excitement, frustration, panic and a sense of being lost depends on how it was delivered.

Eotteoke! Which concert should I go to first?”

6. 하지마 (hajima) – Don’t do that

A phrase formed from the words 하다 (to do) + 지마 (command to not do something). It is formally expressed as 하지 마세요 (hajimaseyo).

Sometimes it is changed to 하지말라그 (hajimallageu). This usually happens when the character won’t listen with the simple 하지마. 라그 (rageu) was added to strongly reiterate the verb. The phrase now translates to: “I said, don’t do that”.

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Hajima, stop sending me those cute pictures of your bias.”

7. 죽을래 (jugeullae?) – Do you want to die?

Usually said when a character is annoyed at someone. This can be considered as an empty threat expression and is very common especially in Romcoms.

Jugeullae? I told you to stop sending me spoilers!”

8. 그래? / 진짜? / 정말? (geurae? / jinja? / jeongmal?) – Really?

An expression that express the need for reassurance. When you heard about a thing that is not easy for you to believe and wanted to confirm it, you can ask this phrase.

“Ah, jeongmal? you’ll come with me to the fanmeeting?”

9. 사과해 (sagwahae) – Apologize

Usually used when a character asks for another person’s apology. You can apologize using words like, “미안헤요” (mianheyo).

Sagwahae. Stop being stubborn and lower your pride.”

10. 헤어지자 (heeojija) – Let’s break up.

An iconic line that we hear on almost every Kdrama that we watch. This comes with a lot of crying scenes that can also lead to “가지마” (Don’t go).

Heeojija. Let’s stop this.”

11. 이렇게? (Ireoke?) – Like this?

Use this when you want to ask about how something is done. You can try copying the action and ask if you are on the right track.

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“How do you make my heart skip a beat? Ireoke?

12. 거짓말 하지마 (geojinmal hajima) – Don’t lie

When a character is in suspicion or in denial, they usually blurt this line to another person.

Geojinmal hajima! They are not postponing their concert tour!”

13. 안돼 (andwae) – It can’t be / No

A very usual and commonly heard word in Kdramas. This can be used for a lot of scenarios depends on the tone of how it is delivered.

Andwae you can’t come with me this time.”

14. 너 미쳤어? (Neo michyeosseo?) – Are you crazy?

This is the partner of “죽을래” when it comes to use as a Kdrama line. The two can be used separately or together.

Neo michyeosseo? You told Mom about my secret concert fund?”

15. 빨리 (ppalli) – faster

An easy word to remember and use. Same meaning as the english phrase “double time”. You will hear this everytime a character wants something to proceed faster.

“Let’s enter the venue! The show is starting! Ppalli!

Did you catch all that? Next time you watch a drama and hear these lines, you can now understand them even without the subtitles. 대박 right?

Did you find this series interesting? Comment below if you want to learn more Kdrama lines.

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  1. I love those words! The thing I remember with andwae is when a character is about to be hit by a car, or to jump off a building. Ooucchh!
    Let’s also include:
    yaksohkhae – promise / promise me
    bogoshippuh – I miss you
    gwenchana? – you okay? / are you okay?
    jaebal – please

    Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

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