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READ: EXO’s Xiumin’s letter to fans prior to his upcoming enlistment

On April 9, EXO’s Xiumin had officially confirmed that he will be enlisting on May 7. Prior to his confirmation, SM Entertainment had then announced his military enlistment plans.

Consequently, the South Korean idol released a personal message to his fans. Below is his full letter.

Hello EXO-L! This is Xiumin!

The flowers are pretty these days. Have you gone out to see them?

I can see flowers and the weather has gotten warmer, and yesterday was EXO’s 7th anniversary since debut!

I feel grateful to everyone and everything because I think that EXO was born at a very good time.

Congratulations again to our members.

Actually, I am writing today as there is important thing that I want to tell with all of you first. Military duty! I am going to the army on May 7!

I plan on arranging time for us in the near future so that I could say, “I will return in good health,” to all of you directly. We have a CBX concert soon. We will be back after completing it successfully. Please wait.~^^

Let us all try to do our best on getting through today, too!

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