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LOOK: 3 Korean movies to binge watch starring the superstar So Ji Sub

So Ji Sub is not just a great actor in a specific genre of film but he is totally good in every piece with different genre he starred in. To prove this, below is the list of three must-watch K-movies with the prominent actor.

1. Be With You

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  • Released on March 14, 2018;
  • Remake of the 2004 Japanese film of the same name;
  • Based on a novel by Takuji Ichikawa; and
  • Melodrama and romance film.

2. The Battleship Island

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  • Released on July 26, 2017;
  • Based on a Japanese occupation era; and
  • Historical and action film.

3. A Company Man

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  • Released on October 11, 2012;
  • About a hitman; and
  • Drama and action film.

Have you seen any of the films presented above? Among these three movies of So Ji Sub, which one is your favorite?

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