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An angel in Manila: So Ji Sub being a total performer in “Hello” fan meeting

Finally, So Ji Sub had personally greeted his Filipino fans with a “hello” last March 16 in New Frontier Theater at Quezon City. Did you all know that the Hello fan meeting was the first solo event of So Ji Sub in Manila? That’s why many fans had been anticipating for this event to happen in the country!

Guess what! Annyeong Oppa was one of the media partners for the said event. With that, it is the share all the memorable happenings that night to all of you which you all will surely love to know.

For more than two hours of seeing So Ji Sub, the fans had already seen different sides of the South Korean actor. If there will be one phrase to describe how enjoyable and successful the fan meeting was on that night, that will be; “So Ji Sub is indeed worth the wait.”

So Ji Sub Oppa’s Entrance

Click here to see his entrance video

So Ji Sub had his official entrance for the very first time on that night singing Can’t Smile Without You. His voice is just so perfect which fit that song. As a fan, my heart just felt so full that night that made my tears fell from my eyes. I kept asking myself, “Am I finally not just dreaming?”

So Ji Sub: He’s Always Game in Everything

What makes So Ji Sub much lovable is his enthusiastic attitude! With the Q&A portion, Code name Terius, and All About So Ji Sub segment; the prominent actor has actively participated on these all. All his fans who attended the fan meet have seen his funny, cute, and other sides!

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In a matter of fact, he even shared too many facts about himself! For instance, So Ji Sub once mentioned that he still wants to get married. Yes, mga bes, you’ve read it right!

Aside from that, So Ji Sub revealed that BLACKPINK is his favorite. Next, he told everybody that he is not good in singing but he is doing his best.

So Ji Sub also said that he never follows the trend!

Then, when he was asked what makes him happier between being rank 1 in a music chart and rank 1 in best-selling book; he chose getting the rank 1 in a music chart.

Following that, So Ji Sub shared that between a kiss and a peck; he will choose a peck because it can be done anytime conveniently.

Lastly, when he was asked if he has ever done searching his name; he answered a yes but claimed that he never put any comment in the articles featuring him.

On the other hand, all of you shouldn’t also miss So Ji Sub doing finger heart and showing love to his fans! Aside from that, he had his own version of morning call that night as well. If you all wanted to know about the other activities, click here to see a thread made by Annyeong Oppa!

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The Mini Concert

So Ji Sub had more than five performances in his Hello fan meeting and of course, all his fans enjoyed it all! One of his unforgettable stage was when he sang Picnic for his fans; which made me cry for over a minute or two out of happiness.

Another remarkable happening that night was the first ever Korean pop cover of So Ji Sub! Together with the other artists, they performed the well-known Love Scenario of iKON. How’s your iKONIC heart after watching them, mga bes?

In addition, So Ji Sub had also shown everyone his rapping skills non-stop with the song So Ganzi and many more!

So Ji Sub’s Love and Respect

Acting skills, expertise in singing and rapping, and dancing skills; So Ji Sub had it all! However, he is not just a total performer who can hype the audience because there’s something more about him. Guess what is it? It’s his good attitude which was seen when he escorted the winner of his special gifts, and when he got on the stage again to bid his good bye.

There’s no doubt why many fans are so into him!

Adorable fans

What’s so heartwarming on that night as well is the love of So Ji Sub fans for the South Korean actor. There are various fans who came from abroad and outside Manila to support, see, and meet So Ji Sub.

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As you all can see, the person on the first picture is a fan of So Ji Sub; what’s so special about her is that she has been fangirling over the prominent actor for more than 10 years! When I’d seen her smiles while watching her idol that night, I couldn’t contain the happiness as well in my heart because surely is; March 16 will be a memorable day for her.

Meanwhile, the person on the second picture is Ms. Kring Kim who was the host for the Hello fan meeting but also a fan of So Ji Sub! Isn’t she so amazing? Not just in the industry but for being a fangirl goals as well!

All in all, seeing So Ji Sub up close is such an opportunity to get, and to watch him perform as if he never gets tired is so much of a blessing! Thank you so much, oppa, for visiting Philippines and for filling our hearts with love and happiness.

The Annyeong Oppa would also like to extend our gratitude to Pulp Live World, Ms. Happee Sy, and Ms. Kring Kim for a great event! To Official So Ji Sub Philippines, thank you as well for the effort and all.

For all those fans who never get the chance to attend the fan meet; fighting, mga bes! Let’s all hope that So Ji Sub will come back here!

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  1. Thanks God..this event was the memorable moment of my life.oneof mu bucketlist..please come back soon…
    Mag ipon uli pra s susunod n event.sabi ko nga s anak ko.nagnipon ako d dahil s pampagamot s sakit ko (myomas)kundi pra mapanuod si sjs..ngyon ipon uli hindi pampagamot o opera kundi pra mkita uli sya..
    Hay naku professional fangirl.hehe

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