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Ji Sung and Lee Se Young reportedly to play lead roles in new SBS medical drama

On March 11, Ji Sung and Lee Se Young was reported to play lead roles in new SBS medical drama. Wherein, the agency of Lee Se Young officially confirmed, “Lee Se Young received an offer to star in the new SBS drama entitled Doctor Room.” Adding that the actress is positively reviewing it but there is no confirmation yet if she will accept it.

On the other hand, Ji Sung is also in talks to cast as the main character in Doctor Room. If the actor will accept the offer, he will be seen as the genius anesthesiologist in the mentioend drama. While Lee Se Young will play as the legendary anesthesiologist who was a top student from a medical school.

Doctor Room will tell the story of doctors specializing in pain department. The series will also show thrilling scenes; in which, the doctors are in search for the cause of their patient’s strange pain.

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The K-drama is expected to premiere on July this year.

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