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7 Things You Wish People Told You Before You Explored KPOP

If you are reading this, it only means that you are already immersed in the Kpop world (In short, kinain ka na ng sistema).

Do you remember when and how you started? Many of us might have started from Kdramas but others plunged right into the Kpop music genre. You might be enjoying the moment now, but you can’t help but think about the things that people could have warned you about.

It might be a bit late but here’s a list of the things that you wish you knew before you tried exploring Kpop:

1. “It’s a quicksand”

Once you’re in, it will be very hard to get out. The more you try to resist and struggle, the deeper you’ll sink in. Just relax. If you’re a newbie, this phase will pass (probably) but I wouldn’t get my hopes high on that.

2. “Prepare your wallet”

Seriously, being a Kpop fan is an expensive lifestyle. You will end up buying albums, concert tickets, fanmeets, merchandise and many more. It seems pointless for some, but that’s something that they wouldn’t actually understand right?

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3. “It’s not for the weak of heart”

You know what I mean right? With all those aegyo, fan services, live performances, ballad songs, variety appearances and even those random news scandals, you need to be strong. Trust me.

4. “Take Korean Language classes”

This is what many fans consider as a big regret. Imagine watching those raw video clips and live streams and actually laughing (or crying) along with them because you actually understand what they are talking about. Life would be great right?

5. “Say goodbye to your 8-hr sleep”

Fangirling over sleeping, as simple as that.

6. “Prepare to be emotionally unstable”

With all that is happening on the Kpop world everyday, you will laugh, cry, be angry, frustrated and excited all in the same day. It a whirlwind of emotions that you must watch out from daily.

7. “It’s life changing

But despite everything mentioned above, do you feel regretful? More or less you would say no. We all have different reasons for staying as fans, but whatever it is, you know that you’re life changed after you started your life as a fangirl.

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How did Kpop change your life? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. Being immersed with Kdramas made my standard so high when it comes to looking or choosing a man for me.

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