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LISTEN: 10 English OSTs of K-dramas that got us LSS

Official sound track is one of the best components of Korean dramas which many fans are always looking forward to. Surely, it is so amazing to hear different great voices singing various genres in each OST.

What’s much amazing about original television soundtrack are great vocal skills, swooning beat, and many more!

As a matter of fact, Korean singers and songwriters always make sure that through their pieces, they will be able to showcase their rich musicality using the Korean language. But also have great English songs!

Below are 10 English OSTs of K-dramas that got us LSS!

If you haven’t listened to any of it, watch the videos and see how talented Koreans singers are.

1. It’s You by Henry

Suggested by Margaux Jupiter Castro Benevista

2. Bye, Autumn by SALTNPAPER

Suggested by Myungsoo Inspirit Kim (fan account)

3. Eternal Love by Michael Learns to Rock

Suggested by Anne Lorraine Pablo

4. Glass Bridge by Savina&Drones

Suggested by Rochelle Pelareja

5. Someday, Somehow by u-mb5 ft. Hodge

Suggested by Chriselle Olaguera

6. Satellite by SALTNPAPER

Suggested by Michelle Carodan

7. Hush by Lasse Lindh

Suggested by Pauline Joyce Resolis

8. Sad March by Elaine

Suggested by Angeli Marie

9. My Home by Savina&Drones

Suggested by Samantha Kaye Caravana

10. And I Need You Most by Hey

Suggested by Maria Georgina Montefalco

Truly, it is such a great time to start the day or end the night by listening to all of it. So far, which is your favorite among all these OSTs, mga bes?

The songs in this list were suggested by various Hallyu fans from the Annyeong Oppa Group. If your favorite English OST is not included here, feel free to comment it!

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  1. “It’s You” by Henry from While You Were Sleeping is actually my favorite. 💕 I’m gonna use this as my wedding march. Lol 😂 But I feel like “A Little Braver” by New Empire from Uncontrollably Fond should be included as well.

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