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4 Amazing facts about BLACKPINK that you should know

South Korean girl group BLACKPINK is one of the promising Kpop group coming from the 2016 era. Aside from that, they are also extra fabulous by having hit songs under their single album on their debut. Who would have thought that after almost three years, they have already captivated the hearts of many?

Heartening songs, superb dance steps, stunning looks, cute sides, and talent; they’ve got it all! In addition, they have also achieved various awards since debut. Isn’t the four charming members of BLACKPINK are so amazing?

With the upcoming comeback of BLACKPINK, Blinks are surely excited and thankful about it. While waiting for their activities, let’s take a break by testing how well do BLACKPINK fans know their idols! Dare yourselves by checking if you already know these amazing facts about BLACKPINK.

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First amazing fact: Before debuting with BLACKPINK, Rosé had a duet with G-Dragon in the song “Without You” in the same year when she entered YG as a trainee.

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Second amazing fact: Jisoo appeared in EPIK High’s music video.

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Third amazing fact: Jennie’s hidden talent is to speak like a baby (as seen in their appearance in Weekly Idol).

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Fourth amazing fact: Lisa was the only applicant accepted in the YG audition in Thailand on 2010.

Among the mentioned facts about BLACKPINK, which ones have you already known, mga bes? Share your answer below and let us know if you also have factual information about the group that we everyone should know!

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