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20 Kpop Idols with an AB (normal) Blood Type

It’s common in East Asian countries to know one’s “Blood Type” as they believe that Blood Type groups indicate one’s personality. It is believed that each blood type group have a set of distinct personality.

It is said that A types are earnest but stubborn, B types are creative but selfish and O types are easygoing but insensitive. However, what usually interests people is the AB types not only because AB (-) is the rarest blood type in the world and only a mere 1% of the world population have it. In popular belief, AB types are considered as the eccentric and unique characters. In the Kpop world, these are the gems in the korean variety scene.

To give you an clear idea, here are 20 kpop idols that belong the “AB Line”

1. Lee Hongki (FT Island)

2. Yesung (Super Junior)

3. V (BTS)

4. Yuri (SNSD)

5. Suzy

6. Ken (VIXX)

7. Boa

8. Jiyeon (T-ara)

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9. Hyoyeon (SNSD)

10. Park Bom

11. Ahn Sohee

12. Kim Heechul (Super Junior)

13. Ok Taecyeon

14. Hyeri (Girl’s Day)

15. Henry

16. Hani (EXID)

17. Suho (EXO)

18. Sinb (Gfriend)

19. Luna (F(x))

20. Sunmi

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