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15 Kpop Songs Originally Intended For Other Artist

It can be said that songs often choose their singers. However, there are cases when songs decide to end up on another artist’s album rather than its original owner and actually become successful.

For some examples, here are songs created for an artist but was apparently destined to another one.

1. Artificial Love by EXO was supposed to be an NCT song but the rest is history.

2. Run Devil Run is an SNSD hit song that was originally written by Ke$ha for her album before SM Entertainment decided to buy it for SNSD.

3. No No No by Mamamoo was a song for 4 Minute but after recording the demo for it, Mamamoo was seen to be a better fit.

4. Hot Summer was actually made for SNSD but was instead given to F(x).

5. Up and Down by EXID was written by EXID’s LE not for her group but for solo female artist like HyunA, Jessi and Ailee.

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6. Something by Girl’s Day was actually intended as Hyorin’s solo song.

7. Beautiful by Pentagon was produced by BTOB’s Ilhoon for his group’s album but somehow ended up giving it to Pentagon.

8. Chewing Gum by NCT Dream was actually made for Red Velvet. We can imagine that version to be exciting.

9. Happiness was Red Velvet’s debut song but was in fact intended for F(x).

10. Bar Bar Bar an iconic song by Crayon Pop was actually written for their brother group K-much in 2013.

11. Fly is a song by Epik High but was supposed to be Park Shin Hye’s debut song for her music career. But Epik High liked it so much and decided to keep it instead.

12. Crazy by Son Dam Bi was actually intended for singer Ivy. However Pledis gave it to Son Dam Bi and now we have the famous chair dance.

13. Magic the song by Secret was originally for solo artist Seo In-young.

14. No More by F(x) was originally titled “Boyfriend Material” for Ariana Grande’s debut album.

15. Hob Goblin was said to be a song for 4 Minute but they disbanded so it was given to CLC instead.

Can you imagine these songs being sung by the originally planned singer?

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