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10 Second lead K-drama actors who finally became leading men

Being a Korean drama avid fan doesn’t just mean that you will only focus on the leading actors and actresses in a certain series. There might have been many reasons why you keep on watching K-dramas and rooting for your favorite celebrities.

Surely, you have gone to the point wherein you’ve fallen deeply towards the second lead actor and wanting him to end up with the leading lady. However, no matter how much you try pairing them up together, you only get brokenhearted knowing that your favorite oppa will end up crushed into pieces carrying his unrequited love with him. If you’re familiar with this kind of situation, certainly, you know how this is called— the second lead syndrome.

To tell you bes, you’re not alone who suffer in second lead syndrome as there are numerous fans who have been in the same boat as you.

To name few second lead actors who finally became leading men, I took the opportunity to ask various fans from Annyeong Oppa Group about their favorite second lead actors! Here are their answers and the reasons why they love them so much:

1. Yang Se Jong

According to Chae-sang Urbano:

Nag-second lead s’ya (sa) Romantic Doctor and later on naging big break (niya) ang Duel (kung saan) naipakita ang galing n’ya.

He was a second lead actor in Romantic Doctor and later on had a big break with Duel wherein he was able to show his skills.

2. Park Seo Joon

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Based from Joey:

Ang papi kasi. He is born to be a male lead. Saktong tapos na s’ya sa military service so hindi na n’ya tayo iiwan ‘di katulad ng iba. Hehehe.

He is so handsome. He is born to be a male lead. Good thing, he is done with his military service so he won’t leave us unlike others. Hehehe.

3. Seo Kang Joon

As stated by Annyeong Oppa’s Co-founder Joey Aguilloso:

I’ve seen him since he was just starting. Sa Roommate pa lang. Mabait na bata. Kaya nakakaproud na makita s’yang male lead na.

I’ve seen him since he was just starting; from Roommate. He is kind and it makes me proud seeing him as male lead now.

4. Kim Woo Bin

Claimed by Jenny:

Drama on point! Kilay on pointer! Hahaha.

5. Jung Hae In

Mentioned by Annyeong Oppa’s Writer Jess Rosario:

Ewan ko ba kung bakit sa kanya ako nafocus n’ong While You Were Sleeping hihihi sorna Lee Jong-suk.

I don’t know why I focused on him in While You Were Sleeping hihihi sorry, Lee Jong-suk.

6. Seo In Guk

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In the opinion of Annyeong Oppa’s Co-founder Joey Aguilloso:

A multi-talented singer-actor.

7. Park Hyungsik

In accordance with Annyeong Oppa’s Co-founder Joey Aguilloso:

Isa pa ‘to. Full package.

He’s another one (great actor); full package.

8. Ryu Jun Yeol

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According to Jasmin Dara:

Ryu Jun Yeol as Kim Jung Hwan in Reply 1988. Sobrang selfless and genuine ng love n’ya for Duk Seon, and paubaya level 101 sa bff na si Choi Taek (spoiler alert sa mga hindi pa nakakapanood). Sobrang affected ako na hindi man lang s’ya nakapag-confess ng feelings n’ya. Haayyss.

Ryu Jun Yeol as Kim Jung Hwan in Reply 1988. He is so selfless and his love for Duk Seon is indeed genuine; and (to think that he) gave up on his loved one for his bff Choi Taek (spoiler alert to those who haven’t watched the drama). I am so affected when he never get the chance to confess his feelings. Haayyss.

9. Hong Jong Hyun

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Based on Subbie Lee:

The reason na gusto ko s’ya (is) because na-fall ako sa acting din n’ya although 2nd lead lang s’ya (ay) isa s’ya sa fave ko talaga.

The reason why I like him is I fell in love with his acting skills although he is just a second lead actor (in a certain drama). He is indeed my favorite.

10. Yoo Yeonseok

Claimed by Annyeong Oppa’s Writer Jess Rosario

Yoo Yeon-seok sa Reply 1994. S’ya talaga bet ko n’on makatuluyan ni Go Ara pero nganga. Hahhaha. 2nd lead syndrome ako sa kan’ya that time.

Yoo Yeon-seok in Reply 1994. He is my bet actor (in that drama) for Go Ara but nothing happens. Hahahaha. I felt the second lead syndrome towards him that time.

Among these actors, which one is your favorite or the one who has broken your heart for being second lead character back then?

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If your idols aren’t on the list, mga bes, feel free to share who caused you the second lead syndrome and the reason why you love him so much!

Meanwhile, for those fans who keep on waiting for their favorite second lead actors to become leading men in K-dramas, don’t lose your hope and keep supporting your idols! Their shining time will surely come and may they get the recognition which they deserve.

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