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LOOK: Handwritten letter of SHINee’s Key to his fans before his enlistment

On March 3, SHINee’s Key shared a handwritten letter to his fans. It was posted on his Instagram a day before his enlistment in the South Korean military which is today, March 4.

Below is his letter which was shared on his Instagram account. It also includes his photo on the second slide.

Below is its translation in English language as per geeanielax and cgiovanna.

To. All my little freaks

Hello, this is SHINee’s Key. Everyone’s doing well, right?

I debuted in 2008 and busily made it this far.

The precious memories I’ve shared with everyone have become the driving force for me to run towards the same place without getting distracted.

I’m always thankful, and I feel sorry that I couldn’t entirely express my feelings of gratitude.

I haven’t had long breaks before, but I’ve been called to enlist on March 4, so I won’t be able to greet you all for the time being.

Although many of you might feel hurt and disappointed, I know you’ve waited for this long before while waiting for album releases, so without many worries, I’ll bravely return in good health.

Please stay healthy and happy. I hope you’ll spend your time filled with love.
I’m always grateful, and I love you.

P.S. I’m leaving!!!!!♡


Aside from SHINee’s Key, other South Korean artists are expected to enlist today and on the following days.

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Serve your country well, oppa! We wish you good health and we will patiently wait for you.

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