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6 South Korean artists who are expected to enlist this March

The first week of March has already started and many Hallyu fans are surely preparing to greet their idols on their birthdays. But aside from that, March is also a special month for other artists who are set to comeback few days from now. However, it cannot be denied that the military service of various celebrities is fast approaching as well.

As dictated by the law, male Koreans (between ages 18 to 28) are required to join the South Korean military. They need to serve in the Korean military service for about 21 months, including celebrities.

Below is the list of six South Korean artists who are expected to enlist within this month of March.

1. VIXX’s N – March 4

2. SHINee’s Key – March 4

3. 2AM’s Jinwoon – March 4

4. Lee Jong Suk – March 8

5. U-KISS’s Hoon – March 18

6. U-KISS’s Kiseop – March 21 (Basic training)

Serve well, oppadeul! Many fans will surely miss you all. We wish all of you a good health!

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