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10 South Korean actresses who slayed a red dress

We can all agree that we find it attractive when a woman wear a red dress. The red color symbolizes fire, energy, strength, and power. It radiates the same powerful aura if use as a dress to wear which can make someone stunning.

Last February 24, we had a survey in Annyeong Oppa Facebook Group where we asked Hallyu fans about their favorite artists who have worn a red outfit and made it look so fancy.

Have you ever seen your favorite Hallyu artists worn a red dress before and slayed it? Get ready, mga bes! You will surely get stunned by these ladies who are on fire!

1. Lee Sung Kyung

Photo Credits to Kpopmap via jaylim1
Suggested by Annie Marie Teves and Sarah Sharmaine Timbreza Dallong

2. Red Velvet’s Joy

Photo Credits to ilma nurlinda
Suggested by Casey Montefalco and Ellyljoy Antipuesto

3. Bae Suzy

Photo Credits to iLikewallpaper-iOS Wallpaper
Suggested by Regine de Leon

4. Jun Ji Hyun

Photo Credits to W
Suggested by Jessica Joy Pamor

5. Song Hye Kyo

Photo Credits to Bazaar
Suggested by John Loid Ruar

6. Park Shin Hye

Photo Credits to OSEN
Artist Recommended by Rizzi Sermo

7. BLACKPINK’s Jennie

Photo Credits to Kpopping
Suggested by Melody Padua Cerdon and Miths Gutib

8. Shin Min Ah

Photo Credits to Cosmopolitan
Suggested by Reshel Dawn Baya

9. Song Ji Hyo

Photo Credits to Harper’s Bazaar
Suggested by Dais Aguilar Bautista

10. Yoo In Na

Photo Credits to OSEN
Suggested by Jennylyn Cava

Are your favorite artists’ pictures listed above? All of them are surely amazing and beautiful in their own ways. Continue to slay, queens!

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