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Shin Min Ah revealed to be helping patients with burn injuries for the past five years

South Korean actress Shin Min Ah was once recognized for donating over two billion won, roughly about 1.7 million dollars to solely help those in need. It was said that the support were given to the women and children among North Korean refugees for heating expenses of the elderly people who live alone, and more.

According to a source, Shin Min Ah has stepped forward this time to help patients with burn injuries to receive treatment since 2015. It was also reported that the actress has been steadily providing 100 million won per year, around 80 thousand dollars, for the past five years to the Hallym Burn Foundation.

On top of that, Shin Min Ah was able to give assistance to over 50 children and women with burn injuries so far to receive treatment and surgery. In addition, eight burn victims from abroad, such as Mongolia and Cambodia, has also been receiving support for their medical expenses.

Photo Credits to KBS2

Shin Min Ah is such a great model to have to every Hallyu fans. Despite her success in career and life, she ceaselessly helps the needy. With the huge amount of love she has continuously been receiving, she also share it to the public by practicing good deeds.

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Thank you, Shin Min Ah! We wish you a good health and success to your next plans and projects.

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