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Best of the best: 4 Official MVs of BTS with over 400 million views

BTS is well-known for being the Kings of K-Pop, Karaoke, and Fan Service; aside from that, they are even notable for Best Vocals, Best in Hitting High Notes, and more.

The much amazing fact about the South Korean boy band BTS is the members’ good attitude despite all the awards they’ve bagged, recognition they’ve got, and successful concerts they’ve held.

Photo Credits to AllKpop

Have you all ever wondered how big the fandom of BTS already is? Through the six years that has passed, the group has already won million hearts; not just in South Korea, but all over the world!

Photo Credits to Business Insider

With the numerous ARMYs, it is no doubt that they’ve gained so much support from concerts to albums. Thus, let’s check the best of the best of BTS! Here are the four official music videos of BTS with over 400 million views:

1. DNA with 650,195,498 views

2. Fake Love with 459,346,195 views

3. MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix) with 441,453,044 views

4. Blood Sweat & Tears with 415,324,955 views

It is indeed amazing to see the BTS achieving various awards as a group and solo. Now that love and support for them is overflowing, may they find individual success and happiness. Aside from that; mga bes, don’t forget to fangirl responsibly!

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