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Jung Hae In shows his support to Lee Jong Suk on the set of “Romance is a Bonus Book”

On February 19, South Korean actor Lee Jong Suk posted photos on his social media account featuring a coffee truck sent by his co-star Jung Hae In. Additionally, the snaps shared by the actor on Instagram includes a caption saying “Hae In!”.

The coffee truck was sent to the actor on the set of Lee Jong Suk’s new drama “Romance is a Bonus Book”; with a banner, “I’m rooting on Lee Jong Suk and ‘Romance is a Bonus Book’. Sincerely, Jung Hae In”.

Lee Jong Suk and Jung Hae In both starred in the 2017 SBS Korean drama “While You Were Sleeping”, where they have started to build a great connection with each other.

What a friendship goal they have! Aside from that, it is seriously heartwarming to know that your idols have their friends who also support them.

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