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10 Kpop Idols You Probably Didn’t Know Published Their Own Book

Kpop idols are known to be multi-talented. They can play a variety of instruments, write, produce & compose songs, choreograph, and act. Some of them even published a book.

Here are 10 books written by kpop idols that might convince you to read a book:

1. Onew, Taemin, & Key ( SHINEE)

Title: The Sun’s Children

Year Published: 2011

This is SHINEE’s third photobook. Onew, Key, and Taemin take a trip to Barcelona and detail memorable parts of their trip.

2. H.O.T

Title: H.O.T Forever

3. Lee Hongki (FT Island)

Title: Lee Hong Ki Nail Book

Year Published: 2013

FTIsland’s Lee Hong Ki has been ahead of the trend when it comes to nail art for men. He even released a book about it!


Title: Shouting out to the World

Year Published: 2009

5. Hyoyeon (Girl’s Generation)

Title: Hyo’s Style

Year Published: 2015

6. Lay (EXO)

Title: Standing Firm at 24

Date Published: 2015

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EXO’s Lay bared his fears and doubts as a trainee living in South Korea in his biographical new book Standing Firm at 24, and how he was able to eventually overcome these emotional burdens.

7. Jonghyun (SHINEE)

Title: Skeleton Flower: Things that have been Released and Set Free

Date Published: 2015

8. Lee Hyori

Title: Closer: The Story of Hyori And Soon Shim

Date Published: 2012


Title: L’s Bravo Viewtiful

Date Published: 2013

10. Kim Heechul (SUPER JUNIOR)

Title: My Ramen-ful Life

Date Published: 2017

Title: Heechul’s Girl Group 101

Date Published: 2017

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