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7 Reasons why INFINITE’s “Clock” is a tearjerker and heart warming at the same time

On February 13, the official music video of INFINITE’s Clock has been released in the YouTube channel of Woollim Entertainment. It is the first digital single of the well-known South Korean boy band for the year of 2019 which premiered on their year-end fan meeting last December 2018.

In addition to that, it is the first single of Infinite without their leader Kim Sungkyu. Currently, he is still serving in the South Korean armed forces after enlisting last May 2018.

As of February 17 at 17:30 Philippines Standard Time (PST), the official MV has already gained 896,116 views. Aside from that, the video has also obtained 138K likes and 14,137 comments.

If you are a new Inspirit or an old one from the fandom, there are so many reasons why you should listen to Infinite’s Clock. Apart from the truth that this single is just another solid song from the group even without a promotion, it is also a tearjerker and heart warming piece because of:

1. The Intro

Infinite’s Clock started with a ring and black-background scene with Kim Myungsoo. Those two are so perfect in making us realize that it has been so long since their debut but the group and the fandom are both going strong.

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As the video continues, the tune and beat of it are extra exceptional which will knock on our heart’s door. It seems like Infinite members want us to feel how much they miss us, Inspirits.

2. The Members’ Hands

This part in the MV looks like Infinite is doing their best by extending their hands to Inspirits. With the red-color background of this scene, it gives the impression of love, strength, and courage.

3. The Rap Lines of Lee Sungyeol and Lee Sungjong

We know that Lee Sungyeol has the potential in being a rapper as he has been showing off his talent since then. It is so heart warming hearing him having his rap lines together with Lee Sungjong. These two members have perfectly soar their verses, offering us their heartfelt performance as ever.

4. The Space on the Couch

There are two spaces on the couch which we can perfectly seen beside Nam Woohyun and Lee Sungjong. Of course, one of those spaces is for the leader Kim Sungkyu and let’s guess that the other one is for the Inspirits. We all know that Infinite members have always been leaving spaces like this on stage for Kim Sungkyu, showing how much they care for one another.

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5. Infinity Symbol with Red Thread

There is always infinity symbol in Infinite’s music videos but this one shown in Clock is extra pleasing. It was drawn by Lee Sungyeol with an ink of red. After showing this one, the next scene presented was Lee Sungyeol holding a red thread. This one shows sign of fate or bond which is an East Asian belief or legend.

6. Another Infinity Symbol

On this part, Nam Woohyun closed his eye before opening it and showing another infinity symbol on his eye. It gives us a concept of limitless love of the members for the Inspirits and for the group.

6. Releasing One’s Hold

This scene is somehow heartbreaking but touching at the same time because of two reasons: 1) These two hands from different persons released their hold from one another; and 2) The lyric playing on this part is this line, “날 기다려줘 잊지 말아 줘, 사랑한다고 말할 거야 네 곁에서” which means “Wait for me, don’t forget me, I’m gonna tell you how much I love you.”

We all know that the time of the members’ enlistment will come but through this, they appear to be telling us to not forget them. Other than that, they are trying to let us know that they will always be there to tell us how much they love us.

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7. The Ending

“I wanna be with you” was the last line sang by Nam Woohyun which is said using the English language. It is another reason for us to think that they are so affectionate towards the Inspirits all over the world. By using the universal language, they are trying to reach us all.

Isn’t it so lovely and captivating seeing these extra admirable things from the official music video of Infinite’s Clock? Aside from the wonderful lyrics, amazing beats, great elements, and warm vocals of the artists, the overall atmosphere is so impressive which gives us hope and cheers us all.

From year 2010 to present, Infinite never fails in reminding us how much they care for every Inspirit through their songs and personal greetings. In less than four months, Infinite will be celebrating their nine long years with us. These legends deserve to be known and acknowledged by many. May the group and the fandom stay stronger than before!

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