12 Korean Movies With EXO Members As Main Characters

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Photo Credits to CHANBAEKUNION via Twitter and V Live

One of the best stress reliever by various fans is binge watching their idols’ dramas and movies. However, it is sometimes hard to look for the complete list of films of our favorite celebrities without overlooking anything. Recently, we have listed all the Korean dramas which starred EXO members. Have you seen it already, mga bes?

To help you all especially the EXO-Ls out there who love watching their idols on a big screen, here are the 12 Korean movies with EXO members as main characters:

1. One Way Trip

Starring Kim Jun Myeon
Photo Credits to FilmDoo

2. Middle School Girl A

Starring Kim Jun Myeong
Photo Credits to Soompi

3. So I Married an Anti-fan

Starring Park Chanyeol
Photo Credits to IMDb

4. Cart

Starring Do Kyungsoo
Photo Credits to Soompi

5. Pure Love

Starring Do Kyungsoo
Photo Credits Kchat Jjigae

6. My Annoying Brother

Starring Do Kyungsoo
Photo Credits to

7. Room No.7

Starring Do Kyungsoo
Photo Credits to Soompi

8. Swing Kids

Starring Do Kyungsoo
Photo Credits to Variety

9. Catman

Starring Oh Sehun
Photo Credits to A Virtual Voyage

10. Dokgo Rewind

Starring Oh Sehun
Photo Credits to HelloKpop

11. SMTOWN The Stage

Documentary Movie
Photo Credits to yixin qins via YouTube

12. Sweet Sixteen

Starring Former EXO Member Kris Wu
Photo Credits to Soompi

Have you seen any of the EXO’s film listed from above, mga bes? Currently, which one is your favorite and why? It may be hard for you all to pick the best one as all of it is surely incomparable and great on its own way.

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Good news, mga bes; aside from the movies enumerated from above, there are more upcoming Korean and Chinese films which include current and former members of EXO as lead characters. I know you all can’t wait for it but let us all savor this moment by watching these all first!

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