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10 Kpop Songs Surprisingly Written By Another Kpop Artist

Many idols are known for producing their own songs for their albums. But did you know that some of them are generous enough that they even wrote songs for other groups/artists?

Here are some tracks that will leave you amazed with it’s credits.

  1. Trouble Maker – Trouble Maker

Written and composed by EXID’s LE this bop is another masterpiece from the girl behind her group song’s Up and Down.

2. Whistle – Blackpink

Who would have thought that this very successful debut song of Blackpink was produced by one of YG’s resident genius producer Ikon’s BI. His list of well produced songs continues with his group’s recent songs ‘Love Scenario’ and ‘I’m Ok’.

3. Fear – Song Mino Feat. Taeyang

This iconic song by Winner’s Song Mino and Bigbang’s Taeyang that will sure get you shouting “abeoji!” was produced by former Block B leader and now CEO Zico of KOZ Entertainment.

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4. Energetic – Wanna One

The mastermind behind this Wanna One debut single is none other than Pentagon’s Hui.

5. Dance The Night Away – Twice

One of those ‘woah daebak!’ moments is learning that this Twice song was co-written and produced by Wheesung.

6. The Eve – EXO

Another song by genius musician and former SM artist (but still a Super Junior member in our hearts) Henry, here is a demo version of the very sexy EXO song “The Eve“.

7. Bubble Pop – HyunA

Among the hits under his name, Highlight’s Junhyung still surprised us with this song by HyunA.

8. Breathe – Lee Hi

Another masterpiece by our genius artist, Shinee’s Jonghyun for his friend Lee Hi.

9. Shanghai Romance – Orange Caramel

This song by Orange Caramel was actually written by Super Junior’s Kim Heechul. You didn’t see that coming right?

10. Ace – Taemin

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This solo comeback song of Taemin was in fact credited to his company sunbae TVXQ’s Max Changmin.

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