Legendary Kpop Songs That Are Turning 10 Years Old This Year

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2009, the year dubbed as the “Golden Era of Kpop”, produced a lot of iconic songs that can be perfectly described as ‘timeless‘.

They remain popular not only in Korea but also in the international scene. But believe it or not, they are turning a decade old this 2019.

Here’s a list that will make your kpop fan heart scream nostalgia. (Warning: this list can trigger LSS that can last for days)

1. Gee (GIRL’S GENERATION) – Released in: January 2009

2. Sorry Sorry (SUPER JUNIOR) – Released in: March 2009

3. Fire (2NE1) – Released in: May 2009

4. Mister (KARA) – Released in: May 2009

5. Hot Issue (4 MINUTE) – Released in: May 2009

6. Tell me your wish / Genie (GIRL’S GENERATION) – Released in: May 2009

7. Abracadabra (BROWN EYED GIRLS) – Released in: July 2009

8. I Hope (FT ISLAND) – Released in: July 2009

9. I don’t Care (2NE1) – Released in: July 2009

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10. Ring Ding Dong (SHINEE) – Released in: October 2009

11. Bo Peep Bo Peep (T-ARA) – Released in: November 2009

12. Heartbeat (2PM) – Released in: November 2009

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