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JTBC Knowing Brother’s Top 10 Highest Rated Episodes To Date

Recently establishing itself as an ongoing Korean variety powerhouse, Knowing Brothers (Hangul: 아는 헝님) also known in its English title of Men on a Mission or Ask Us Anything now boasts an average rating of 5-6% per episode. This is a huge feat considering that it is being broadcasted in a paid cable channel.

The cast members are currently composed of veteran MC Kang Hodong, former basketball star Seo Jang hoon, ace comedians Lee Sugeun, and Kim Youngchul, Roora’s Lee Sangmin, Super Junior‘s Kim Heechul and Buzz’s Min Kyunghoon.

Despite having a termination scare during its first year, the show was able to make its comeback. With some format change and cast addition, the show was able to achieve its best form and catapulted itself to popularity in all age groups.

They have done some ‘Ratings Promise’ tasks on their 3% and 5% milestones. But now that they are beyond that phase, here’s a list of their highest rating episodes to date based on AGB Nielsen Korea’s daily rating survey as of April 2021.

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10. Ratings: 6,767% – Don Spike, Sam Hammington, Moon Hee Joon (H.O.T.) (Episode 164)

9. Ratings: 6.929% – Park Jin Young (JYP)& Twice (Dahyun & Nayeon) (Episode 207)

8. Ratings: 6.99% – Psy (Episode 75)

7. Ratings: 7.175% – Park Jinyoung and Rain (Episode 262)

6. Ratings: 7.200% – Park Joon Hyung, Kim Ji Hye, Park Sowon and Jin Hua (Episode 244)

5. Ratings: 7.231% – Jun Hyun Moo & Kang Ji Young (Episode 186)

4. Ratings: 7.925% – Kim Tae-yeon, Na Ha-eun, Hong Jam-eon, Hong Hwa-cheol (Children’s Day Special) (Episode 228)

3. Ratings: 8.371% – Song Gain & Hong Ja (Episode 225)

2. Ratings: 9.585% – Kim Seo Hyung & Oh Na-ra (Sky Castle Special) (Episode 166)

1. Ratings: 15.523%, 15.267%, 14.711% -Lim Young-woong, YoungTak, Lee Chan-won, Kim Ho-joong, Jung Dong-won, Jang Min-ho, Kim Hee-jae (Mr. Trot Special – Part 1) (Episode 229 – 231)

You can learn more about the show by reading this Guide to the Cast of ‘Knowing Brothers’.

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The show is airs at JTBC every Saturday at 9:00 PM KST.

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