​6 Iconic Kdrama Roles of Lee Dong Wook

Lee Dong Wook, who is celebrating his birthday today, has been in the Korean entertainment industry since 1999 before hitting stardom in 2005 romcom series, My Girl. Since then, he has played iconic roles in several korean dramas from romcom to melodrama to historical and fantasy.

Can you still recall these kdramas? See the list below.

1. Seol Gong Chan in My Girl (2005)

We first fell in love with him for his role in My Girl as the only heir of the owner of L’Avenuel Hotel who was charged of finding his long lost cousin. But he eventually found love thru Joo Yoo-rin, whom he hired to pretend as his cousin in response to his grandfather’s dying wish. He had a great chemistry with his female lead, Lee Da Hae, which made the series a hit in Asia.

I can still remember printing his pictures from My Girl episodes and compiling it in my high school clear book. It’s been 12 years already but he still has that charisma!

2. Kang Ji Wook in Scent of a Woman (2011)

Who wouldn’t fall for his dreamy look as Kang Ji wook in Scent of a Woman? Ji-wook is a rich young man who lives a boring life until he meets Yeon-jae, a character played by Kim Sun-a. Together, they try to complete Yeon-jae’s Bucket List during the remaining months of her life.

Bes, this melodrama will surely make you cry a river as it did to me and to everyone who watched it. But it also has important life lessons that you shouldn’t miss.

3. Choi Won in The Fugitive of Joseon (2013)

He played the role of a royal physician turned fugitive in the Joseon era who will do everything to save the life of his daughter and to clear his name. He was casted alongside Song Ji hyo, who played the role of his assistant.

In this Kdrama, Lee Dong Wook showed his acting skill and affection as a loving father. We can also see his parenting skills during his (multiple) guestings in The Return of Superman. Surely, he’ll be a good daddy to (our) his future children.

4. Cha Jae Wan/Jayden in Hotel King (2014)

Hotel King is a reunion project of Lee Dong Wook and her My Girl female lead, Lee Da Hae. Jae Wan is the general manager of Hotel Ciel, the nations’s only seven-star hotel, owned by Ah Mo-ne’s father (Da Hae).

We may always see Lee Dong Wook wearing black suits in his Kdramas for portraying a well-off character but when he is at home, he loves to wear simple and sometimes oversized clothes just like when he was in SBS Roommate.

5. Joo Jong Bin in Blade Man (2014)

He played the role of Joo Jong Bin, a wealthy CEO of a gaming company, who has the supernatural ability of sprouting metal knives from his body when angered. He acted along side Shin Se Kyung.

Another daddy role for Lee Dong Wook. Do you think he should have his own by now?

6. Grim Reaper/ Wang Yeo in Goblin (2016)

Wang Yeo is a king who has no memories of his past and became a Grim Reaper who’s in-charge of taking deceased souls. He has bitter-sweet romance with Kim Sun/ Sunny, played by Yoo In-na. Goblin fans refer to them as the PiChi couple.

Goblin became a hit in South Korea and in some Asian countries. It’s one of the highest rating show in Korean cable television history which helps Lee Dong Wook regain popularity.

What’s your favorite Kdrama role of Lee Dong Wook to date? Tell us on the comment section!

Happiest Birthday to my main Oppa, Lee Dong Wook! He is one of the reason of my existence in Kdrama Land. New Oppa(s) may come and go but he is irreplaceable!

Written by: Annyeong Oppa (Joey


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